Stitch Bar- York St, Sydney CBD

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 30 April 2011

Stitch Bar in the Sydney CBD ain’t no sweatshop.

Finding a good seamstress is like finding a good bartender. Find your perfect match and life will be better, free of  dragging hems and feeling parched.  I’ve already found my perfect seamstress, she know’s me well, we’re on first name basis and she know the precise length I like my sleeves. Thankfully the latest small bar in Sydney’s CBD has nothing to do with its name or I’d have no reason to step off York St, down the stairs and into Stitch Bar.
Without any signage, scattered sewing machines and hanging shirts lining the entrance you may be forgiven for thinking you’re at the wrong place. Rest assured Stitch is no sweatshop. Try and hand over a ripped shirt for mending and you’re likely to be tossed out. Ask them for a ‘Beetlejuice’ and you’ll get a cocktail of fresh beetroot and ginger juice, gin, sweet vermouth and ginger beer.

Stitch Bar

Feeling peckish? Order a Bulldog, a Hot ‘n’ spicy dog with black eyed beans, spicy tomato salsa, avocado and jalapenos or a French Poodle a Troulouse style sausage, red wine and garlic with Tarago River Gippsland brie, picked pear and dijon mustard. Not into dogs, try a Big Bird Burger , turkey with sun dried tomato mayonnaise, vintage cheddar and lettuce or a Stitch Burrito and side of Curly Fries.  Craving sweet, order ‘Battered Grannies’, battered and friend grannies smith apples with quince liqueur chantilly and cinnamon.
We have Karl Schlothauer and Christophe Lehou to thank this new CBD small bar addition. Not new to the small bar scene the boys first bar Pocket in Darlinghurst has been a major success. Finally suits have somewhere decent to drink after work with Grasshopper opening just over a year ago and then Grandmas late last year. Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come.
Stitch Bar
61 York St (near the corner of Barrack)
Open 4pm-late Mon-Sat
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