Sticky Bar-$15 Wednesday Roast

I love things that are hard to find…especially when it’s food and wine! The harder it is to find the more rewarding it feels when you finally consume it.

Sticky Bar in Surry Hills falls into this category. Look away now if you don’t want to know where it is or why you should go there…

Ok, so Sticky Bar is run by the same guys who brought us Table for 20 (shared dining experience-another favourite concept of mine). The entrance to Table for 20 is on Campbell St just off Crown St (near C’s Flashback). You can’t access Sticky Bar from here so walk up the road and take the first left, then left again down a dark lane…are you intrigued yet?

You’ll get to a door where you have to ring a bell. The doorman will run down and let you in. Then head up 4 flights of stairs and ta’da…you’ve arrived.

Why should you go to Sticky Bar? Well apart from it being fun to find if you go on a Wednesday night you get a roast dinner and glass of wine for $15. It’s by no means the best roast you’ll ever eat but it’s fresh, tasty and sure beats slaving over an oven doing it yourself!

I went the other night with Pet and Oracle and we had roast veal, mashed potato/sweet potato and what looked like a waldorf salad.

The atmosphere is causal and cosy. The staff are great and do table service so you don’t have to leave your mis-matched chair to go to the bar. It’s really dark in there and you kind of need to trust that what they put in front of you is what they say. I did question if I had mashed banana on my plate but a quick taste test confirmed the mashed potato.



  • Marlo says:

    oohh I love Sticky!
    The roast looks good, and for that price you can’t really go wrong can you?
    I’m going to grab a bunch of friends and do this soon.


  • Yes do! Come this Wednesday…me and a few other tweeps are going for a roast and wine catch up/meet greet!

    All welcome :)

  • Ian Lyons says:

    Actually I would say I’ve had some of the best roasts at Sticky – don’t let the measly price fool you. The dish changes every week but I’ve found it to be remarkable – as in the conversation stops and you talk about how amazing the food tastes.

    Michael has just opened up the area behind the red curtain which means you no longer have to get there at 6pm to nab a seat.

  • Nice to bump into you last night at Sticky Bar Mr Lyons.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my $15 roast lamb dinner and glass of wine. Hope yours was delicious too.

    It’s the first time I’ve seen behind the curtain and it’s a good thing they have the extra space. I was there at 6pm and had to practically wrestle 3 other girls for a table.

    See you soon. :)

  • Jay Adams says:

    Well this looks so good, I’m going to try it this Wed night, hope we can get a seat!! Sounds like it will be ‘an experience’.

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