Sparkle Cupcakery T Party

Eat, Sydney / 29 November 2011

Mini-Me cupcakes

High tea, cupcakes and bubbles on a sunny afternoon sounds oh so delightful but not very masculine. At least that’s what I thought. But it seems boys brave enough to try the traditionally female past time may actually enjoy the fancy pants frills of pretty edible treats. My friend Mr Biceps Brown recently proved that at least one straight man in Sydney can be converted to high tea.
I’m sure he expected frilly doilies and pinky extensions but at Sparkle Cupcakery in Surry Hills the T Party is slightly more modernized. You’ll indulge in six decadent courses each visually vibrate and inspired by a common theme. I’m told the theme changes regularly but on our adventure a carnival influence is apparent.
Sandwich Snippets

We start with sandwich snippets: The Ribbon- sandwich of turkey, beetroot relish & ham, guacamole & spinach. Then The Stick-grissini with a prosciutto twist and The Wrap- basil pesto, humus, capsicum, spinach & carrot.
Mini Cones of Pop-topped sweet-treats

Next, Mini Cones of Pop-Topped Sweet-Treats including roasted red capsicum popcorn, popcorn powder with ganache and macaroon fingers for dipping and popcorn infused Crème Brulee.
Refreshing Plate of Toffee Apple

Speared Apple, Praline and Toffee are a delectable twist on the traditional toffee apple followed by the Spectacular Dessert Shot of blood orange jelly with lemon sorbet and a sprig of fresh mint.
Spectacular Dessert Shot

If that wasn’t enough to raise your sugar levels the selection of three mini-me cupcakes at the end is sure to have you running around the shop like an ADD kid on whizz fizz. Calm it down with some exotic Twining or Penelope Sach Tea or a glass of bubbles.
The Sparkle Cupcakery T Party is available everyday from 10am-4pm and prices start from $45 including a glass of bubbles. I suggest leaving approx 1.5-2hrs and taking a man friend- it’s always nice to try something different. The verdict? Having tried his first high tea Mr Biceps Brown vouched he would return…though I doubt he’ll be swapping the experience for some lad time at the pub. I tried!
Sparkle Cupcakery
132 Foveaux St, Surry Hills
Phone (02) 9361 0690
Monday – Thursday 7:30am – 6:00pm
Friday 7:30am – 6:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday 10:00am – 6:00pm