Sound Immersed Yoga arrives to Sydney Park Pavilion

Play, Sydney / 7 August 2019

Downward dog meets electronic house music and galactic lighting at Sound Immersed Yoga.

Fusing together fluid yoga movements, euphoric electronic beats and galactic lighting is a new concept to arrive to Alexandria’s Sydney Park Pavilion. Introducing Sound Immersed Yoga, a new creative yoga series aimed at strengthening the mind and body through a multi-sensory journey.

Running from 11th September through to 13th November across 5 sessions, Sydney DJ and yoga teacher, Christian Ralston, will guide you through a one hour class where yoga, dynamic movements and an element of freestyle are blended to provide the ultimate experience for new and seasoned yojis alike.

Punters are encouraged to cleanse the day away with a steamed towel, handed out on arrival. From there, you’ll move into a calming space with blue lights and star projections setting the tone for the relaxed, etherial practice.

Unlike your typical yoga session which is done to the sound of your instructors voice only, Sound Immersed Yoga also incorporates elevated house music throughout the class, rounding off the high-sensory vibe.

At the end of your class, you’ll enjoy a soothing cup of T2 tea, giving you the chance to mingle with like-minded yogis.

By no means to do need to be a yogi master either, with all skill levels welcome and no prior experience necessary.

Tickets to Sound Immersed Yoga are $40 per person and can be purchased here.


Sound Immersed Yoga 
When: classes will run across 5 evenings from 11th September through to 13th November.
Where: Sydney Park Pavillion
Price: $40pp. To secure your tickets, click here.