How a Mysterious Object in the Sydney Skyline Had Everyone Wondering: Spy Balloon or Giant Potato?

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 17 March 2023

Beloved 80s Mascot from Smith’s Chips took National Potato Chip Day to New Heights!

Sydneysiders were in for a spud-tacular surprise on March 14th, as a mysterious spy balloon floated above the city skyline. The giant, potato-shaped object had everyone wondering, “Is it a bird? Is it a plane?”. But fear not, dear friends as it was none other than the mischievous icon, Gobbledok, returning to reclaim his throne as the king of “chippies” just in time for National Potato Chip Day.

The beloved 80s mascot from Smith’s Chips had taken his antics to new heights with this mysterious floating potato, spying on chip lovers across the city. Smith’s Chips spokesperson, Bridget McBride, reassured everyone that Gobbledok was harmless, but they’d better keep their chip packets close…

The giant floating potato created a huge buzz on social media, with onlookers sharing pictures using #SpyPotato. It’s true that even Jordi Jordon, adored Australian actress and model, was eager to capture a shot of the huge flying potato.

The activation took place at Dudley Page Reserve on National Potato Chip Day, reminding everyone to celebrate with a trusty packet of Smith’s Chips. So next time you see a mysterious floating spud, don’t be afraid! It might just be Gobbledok on another mischievous mission.