Sandwich Of The Month – Pilu Kiosk, Freshwater

Eat, Sandwich of the Month, Sydney / 25 November 2015

Pig out at Pilu Kiosk.

Sydney is a battleground. Geographical snobbery runs deep in the Sydney psyche. Where, not how, you live can be so important here. This means that at any moment, a cultural turf-war is being fought on a number of fronts:
North of the bridge v south.
Western suburbs v eastern counterparts.
Inner city v inner west.
The Shire v everyone else.
Whilst there’s no chance of anyone conceding defeat in the debate of Sydney’s best suburb, the coastal town in Sydney’s northern beaches, Freshwater, is making a charge for that title.
Pilu Kiosk the cafe
The beach is gorgeous, the sunbathers even more so. Visitors cannot resist flocking there year-round, which helps explain why, in 2006, six Sierra Leone athletes fled the Melbourne Commonwealth Games without team permission, to spend a few days at “Freshie”. Advantage, Freshwater.
Fortunately for the pacifists amongst us, the simple sandwich can be the embodiment of the Vienna Convention, easing border tensions and encouraging people to come together in the pursuit of deliciousness. In this vein, the diplomatic ambassador from Freshie is a suckling pig panini from Pilu Kiosk.
Pilu Kiosk Suckling Pig sandwich
The beachfront Kiosk is cute shack attached to its more famous big brother, the two-hatted restaurant, Pilu. This means that the suckling pig that would normally require a booking and some serious dollars to enjoy a Pilu main course, is available for $14.50 in sandwich form through the Kiosk. Same kitchen. Same cooking. Amazing.
The shredded pork is wonderful. Served still warm, the suckling pig maintains is tenderness and richness. Any threat of the meat being dry is mitigated through an excellent mayonnaise and wholegrain mustard sauce, which is both creamy smooth and packing a punch at the same time. In addition, thick cut slices of pink lady apples are a very welcomed addition, adding a burst of acidity to the rich meat.
Piilu Kiosk The Kiosk sign
The crackling, synonymous with a pork sandwich, is missing, which is a good thing for the structural integrity of your molars, but for the tastebuds is a little disappointing. However, that desired crunch is more than made up for by the toasted Sonoma sourdough which has a similar golden brown colouring to that of the sunbathers on the white sand. Finally, wilted rocket fires some pepper into the sandwich, with fennel cooling it down simultaneously.
So, lay down your weapons, cross over the battlelines, and go see what the North has to offer.
Pilu Kiosk suckling pig sandwich
Pilu Kiosk – at Freshwater
Moore Rd, Freshwater, NSW 2096
Open: 7am – 3pm Monday to Friday, 7am – 4pm Weekends
Written by A Man and His Sandwich
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