Sandwich of the Month – Salvage Speciality Coffee, Artarmon

Eat, Sandwich of the Month, Sydney / 29 June 2016

Find political refuge at Salvage Speciality Coffee

Can you smell it? That strong, distinct whiff of bulldust in the air. It can only mean one thing – election time. With only days until the country decides who’s boss, a terrible aroma of pedantic political gamesmanship clogs up our airwaves and our noses. Luckily we still have four more senses through which to enjoy our food, and thankfully Salvage Speciality Coffee plays with each and every one of them.
Taking our queue from the confused Brits, we opt to leave the comfort of the CBD and take our chances out in Sydney’s North Shore for today’s sandwich. Specifically to Artarmon, the surprising home of Salvage Speciality Coffee, where the term ‘hipsters’ is more likely to refer to a group of pensioners recovering from bone operations than men with beards and paisley shirts.
Any sense of Bre-gret for the journey North quickly dissipates as our beef cheek sandwich arrives. The distraction of three-word party slogans and political “messages brought to you by…” are drowned out by the silence of patrons not talking – the result of them being too busy ravaging their food to talk. Aural enjoyment, tick.
Salvage kitchen
Eating with our eyes first, the impressive winter colours of the roll are matched only by the size of the wooden chopping board the roll is served upon. Deep brown shredded beef, golden sprouts, fluorescent mustard and subdued cheddar yellow. Visuals, tick.
Once in our hands, the touch of the soft buttery roll is almost sensual in its puffery. Tick. The licking of our fingers to mop up the dripping beef and mustard, well that is borderline pornography. Double tick.
Chewing down, our tastebuds are jolted into attention by a flavour combination that Dorothy Dixer herself could not question. A thick layer of Dijon brings heat and intensity to the roll. The shredded beef is so juicy and tender that it melts away in our mouth. The charred Brussels sprouts makes us question why we ever rejected them on our plate as a child. And the cheddar cheese, which softens atop the beef, is classic comfort food. Huge tick for the taste.
Salvage exterior
So, if you’re looking for somewhere to make sense of election day (and you’re still hungry after the traditional polling booth sausage sizzle), Salvage Speciality Coffee has got you covered.
Salvage Speciality Coffee
5 Wilkes Ave, Artarmon 2064
Open: Mon-Fri 6.30am-2.30pm, Sat 7.30am-2.30pm, Sun 8am-1pm
See website:
Written by A Man and His Sandwich