SaltVine Lebanese Tapas, Surry Hills

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 20 February 2018

Forget the grapevine, SaltVine is Crown Street’s latest eatery giving a modern twist to a traditional Lebanese cuisine.

Situated in the centre of Surry Hills’ foodie hotspot, SaltVine treats diners to hearty Lebanese dishes from its Mezza style menu. From smaller dishes to comfort food, cocktails to dessert, SaltVine blends the time-adored cuisine with the share plate affair that has taken over Sydney.
Offering al fresco dining for steamy nights, as well as a large indoor seating area, SaltVine is ideal for any lunch or dinner occasion. Enjoying the bustle of the eclectic Crown Street from the large glass windows, we take a seat at the timber topped bar and watch the bar staff work their magic.
SaltVine Sangria
The Beirut Sangria ($20) provides an apt hit of Lebanese punch. Mixing apricot liquor, arak, fresh fruit and of course, red wine, the sizeable jug is an ideal way to start the night. Although the sangria is inexpensive, SaltVine’s drinks list tempts with a variety of wines and brews from Australian and overseas, mainly Lebanon.
SaltVine cocktails
If you are in search of a classy kick-off to your tapas adventure, then SaltVine has also started shaking and stirring its own selection of cocktails. Cocktail classics such as a Whiskey Sour and Grasshopper are given a distinct hint of Middle Eastern flair with the addition of figs and cucumber respectively.
SaltVine recommends that food lovers share four Mezza plates amongst two people. From the land to the sea, every dietary requirement is catered for. The tapas bar menu is divided into four categories: cold, salad, and the large fried and comfort mezza plates.
SaltVine grape leaves
Doused in an oozing yet simple tomato sauce and topped with fresh pine nuts, the Grape Leaves ($13) filled with braised rice are the epitome of fresh. A large serving for a starter, other Cold Mezza plates include Hummus ($9) and Beetroot Tahini ($12) dip plates.
From the Fried Mezza, the Syrian String Cheese Cigar ($16) comes with recommendations from the kitchen. Like a spring roll stuffed with creamy cheese, the Cigar’s are perfect for sharing.
SaltVine cauliflower
Also from the fried selection, the Arnabeet ($16) is an overwhelming visual explosion of crispy cauliflower drizzled with the stunning contradiction of tahini sauce and a sweet apricot and raisin chutney.
SaltVine’s Comfort Mezza is a combination of slow coked creations. The Chargrilled Lamb Shoulder with roast onion labneh ($24) won’t leave you hungry. Meanwhile, charred segments of plump eggplant ($17) burst to aromatic life thanks to cumin, roast pepper and crunchy fragments of pistachio.
Surry Hills is known for its inventive eateries, and SaltVine is no expectation. By taking advantage of the Lebanese customs of sharing food, SaltVine is posed to be a spicy success for modern diners in search of an interactive eating experience.
535 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Ph: 8937 2191