Rushcutters, Cafe Sydney, Single Ladies, Christmas Tree and more

Ms D's Week in Pics, Sydney / 11 December 2013


I tried Chur Burger at The London. It gets a tick from this burger fan.


I put up my Christmas tree!


Was taken out for lunch to Cafe Sydney- beautiful views.


We took our friend Sarah for a belated birthday dinner at Rushcutters on Neild Avenue, a regular breakfast spot for me on the weekends since opening last month. I recommend checking it out for dinner the food was delicious and staff really friendly.
IMG_5218 IMG_5219


I was sent some kangaroo meat to try in the lead up to Australia Day. Mr Curl Curl and his friends got involved for a barbeRoo-up in Curl Curl. We made kangaroo sliders, steak and snags. We washed it down with with Capi Sparkling dark and stormy cocktails. Great night!



We eat and drink all the time for work at Secret Foodies so for a little Christmas celebration we went to Dance Central in Surry Hills and learnt Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance. One to bust out this summer after a few drinks!


I went to the Underground Cinema Christmas party at Waverley Lawn Bowls. On the way back I walked through this park and found this awesome rocket. It was all sealed up but I remember having these at my local park in Broken Hill where I’m from. I would spend hours at the top, sitting there under the clouds. It felt so big when I was a kid and seeing this brought back good memories.

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