Parched March

Sydney / 1 March 2011

I just had my first drink for Parched March at Darlo Bar. Let the celebrations begin! Parched March? No it’s not another ridiculous fasting of glorious booze ala Feb Fast and Dry July. Pfft, what a boring month! Parched March, the only month-long celebration of bar culture is back for the second year. Over the next 30 days Sydney-siders are encouraged to explore and take advantage of our plethora of buzzing bars.
Founders and bar enthusiasts Amy Cooper and Simon McGoram are leading teams of ambassadors who have accepted the challenge of visiting 30 bars in the next 30 days. It’s not all cocktails and slammers, this noble concept is raising money for charity (Sydney Dogs and Cats Home and The Animal Welfare League). So many friends of mine lasted 1 week during their ‘alco-free’ months, only to binge on the weekend and give up the daunting task. Parched March aims to raise awareness about drinking in moderation (i.e 1 drink a day rather than 10 binge drinks on a Saturday night).
So, one day down another 29 to go. Darlo Bar- tick! What’s next on the list? I’m open to recommendations.
Photo’s from the launch of Parched March at Argyle thanks to Caroline McCredie

Simon and Amy

Robb-with-a-double-B (Behind Bars) and Dan Kaufman (Barzine)