Nespresso Trieste and Napoli Cocktail Recipes

Drink, Sydney / 29 April 2013

Nespresso has taken inspiration from the rich coffee culture of Italy to create two new Limited Edition Grand Cru coffees. Napoli and Trieste are two unique Italian cities that are equally passionate about coffee yet have distinctly different coffee cultures. Nespresso has chosen to celebrate the two cities with the release of its latest Limited Editions Napoli and Trieste, taking Club Members and coffee lovers on a tasting tour of the namesake cities.
The Nespresso Trieste Limited Edition is a reflection of the rich and varied cultural experience that the city of Trieste offers locals and tourists alike. Home to a mix of German, Latin and Slavic cultures, resident coffee lovers enjoy their ritual in a variety of ways – with milk, without milk, long or short.
Heaving with life, Napoli is a behemoth of culture in the history of Europe and a vibrant city in the south of Italy. Coffee has a special place in the heart of Neapolitans who enjoy their coffee short and dark. Napoli was home to the first domestic coffee machine, bringing the concentrated ‘Black Gold’ into the home. The Nespresso Napoli Limited Edition embodies this history with its high intensity and body. It reveals fine, smoky notes and an aromatic profile of wood and dried black tea leaves.
Unique and contrasting, Trieste and Napoli represent Nespresso’s interpretation of these two emblematic cities and their coffee cultures. Coffee lovers can embark on a tasting tour by discovering and comparing the Trieste and Napoli Limited Edition coffees side by side, together with the Nespresso Maestria or Gran Maestria machines. The retro-designed machine range was inspired by traditional barista equipment and creates a truly authentic Italian coffee experience.
We have two great cocktail recipes using these limited edition Nespresso pods for you to try at home.

Nespresso Trieste Coffee Martini.

A vanilla flavoured cocktail perfect for a pick-me-up.
1 capsule Nespresso Trieste
15mL vanilla vodka
2 tsps of cacao powder
1 strawberry
30mL milk
Ice cubes to cool
Pour all ingredients into the shaker including one Nespresso Trieste espresso shot (40mL).
Pour everything but the ice cubes into the glass.
Use strawberry to garnish.

Nespresso Napoli Bitter Cocktail.

A bittersweet mocktail great for entertaining with guests.
2 capsules Nespresso Napoli
1 Sanbitters
10mL vanilla syrup
Fill glass with ice cubes and Sanbitters. Add all other ingredients in the shaker, including two espresso shots (80mL) of Nespresso Napoli and shake to combine.
Pour over Sanbitters and ice cubes in glass to enjoy.

Nespresso Trieste Almond and Pistachio Double Latte Macchiato.

Trieste Pistachio Double Latte Macchiato
The ultimate nut experience in a glass.
2 capsules of Grand Cru Trieste Limited Edition
10mL Almond syrup

Pour 10 ml of almond syrup in a Ritual Recipe Glass, extract a Trieste espresso (40ml) on top and froth the milk with an Aeroccino or a steam wand. Pour the froth on top of the Espresso and then the hot milk. Delicately extract a Trieste Limited Edition as a Ristretto (25ml ) on top of the milk and sprinkle some pistachios over the top and serve

Nespresso Trieste and Napoli Limited Editions will be available for a limited time only from 8 April 2013 from Nespresso Boutiques nationally and
RRP $8.40 for a sleeve of 10 capsules.