Fresh flowers, Haraujuku Gyoza, Secret Warehouse Dinner, Old School Pranks and more

Ms D's Week in Pics, Sydney / 16 October 2013



After the long weekend I bought myself some flowers for the house. No secret admirer and no special occasion. A girl should never need a reason to buy herself flowers.


I put on my gym clothes and had every intention of going for a run. Miss Freakie called me on the way out and suggested Messina. I crumbled so easily! I wonder how many people put gym clothes on to go to Messina. There was a bit of walk involved, all of three blocks.


Secret Foodies hosted The Big Easy- let the good times roll at The Bourbon in Potts Point. It was a really fun night with awesome New Orleans inspired food, wine and live music


My friend had his 30th birthday party at his house on Friday and Miss Freakie and I played a little prank on my housemate Soph. We told her the theme was ‘Cats and Caterpillars’. She dressed up as a cat as you can see. I told her my butterfly costume was in Miss Freakie’s car and we’d put it on when we got there. We pulled up in Crows Nest and we were going to let her walk in but decided to break the news to her outside. There was no fancy dress theme. Her face was priceless. She was such a good sport about it. hehe Sounds mean but we brought a spare dress and make up wipes for her to change before going inside. We felt bad letting her walk in dressed as a sexy cat (even though she was totally rocking it).


Secret Foodies Private Events organized a beautiful Vintage Ladies Dinner for a bride to be in a cool studio space in Darlinghurst. I themed the space and Food Society did the catering. The hen was very excited and everyone had a great night
Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.02.01 PM


My bestie and I went to check out Harajuku Gyoza in Potts Point. We ate lots of gyoza, tempura eggplant and drank Japanese Pale Ale. Oh and played silly buggers with chopsticks
What did you get up to last week? Any highlights?