Merivale Launches New Online Bottle Shop

Drink, Sydney / 10 July 2019

Now you can buy the wine you drank and loved at Merivale’s restaurants in a few simple clicks with The Bottle Shop.

At last, we can farewell the days of drinking a beautiful wine at a restaurant and trying to fruitlessly hunt down the boutique drop. Merivale’s The Bottle Shop has launched a new online store, allowing you to buy from an exclusive range of wine, beer and spirits, curated by the Merivale group’s Master Sommeliers.

A savvy extension of The Bottle Shop on Palings Lane, now you can easily locate the wine you drank and loved at any Merivale restaurant.

Showcasing the sommelier’s favourite drops, here you’ll find everything from every day table wines and spirits to high-end vintages. All conveniently within a few clicks.

Online you can choose from ‘Party Starters’, including Champagne, sparkling and other fun wines. There’s also ‘Point Scorers’ – these are bottles designed to seriously impress.

For dinner party wines that will go down a treat, choose from the ‘Dinner at Yours’ section. Other options include ‘Weeknight Wine’ as well as ‘Picnic Wine’. For all you au naturale vino fans, you’ll also find plenty of organic and natural wines available.

The online bottle shop also offers an impressive subscription bundle of monthly drops, with wines carefully curated and dropped straight to your door on the first day of the month. Choose from the Savour ($60) bundle, or for those looking for something a little special, you’ll also find the Splurge ($110) bundle. These packs also come in a range of sizes (petite-3, medium-6 and grand-12) and you can choose between red, white and mixed.

Merivale’s Master Sommeliers Franck Moreau MS and Adrian Filiuta MS are responsible for curating the range, working closely with Merivale’s sommelier team to ensure a diverse selection of quality wines that are easily accessible and suit many different palates.

“We believe that life is too short to drink anything but the best drops”, says Moreau. “So now, if you’ve been to a Merivale restaurant and enjoyed a bottle of wine, you can order the same bottle online and reminisce on great memories in the comfort of your own home.”

To view Merivale’s Bottle Shop for yourself, click here.