The Best Bars In The World Are Coming To Sydney!

Bars, Drink, Events / 20 February 2024

The top bars of the world all in our city.

Calling all Sydney cocktail enthusiasts! Get ready to raise a glass and tickle your taste buds with a unique experience. From April 9th to 14th, the Maybe Cocktail Festival brings a taste of the world’s best mixology right to your doorstep. Renowned international bartenders from globally acclaimed bars like Handshake Speakeasy (Mexico City), Caretaker’s Cottage (Melbourne), and Freni & Frizioni (Rome) will be taking over nine of Sydney’s most beloved venues, including familiar favourites like Maybe Sammy, Dean & Nancy on 22, and Sammy Junior.

The real drawcard of the festival is that you’ll be sipping expertly crafted cocktails mixed by these international stars right at your local jaunts! The festival offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the magic of these top-tier bars firsthand, without the hefty price tag of international travel.

Sammy Junior Maybe Cocktail Festival

Accessibility remains a central theme, with 19 of the 21 events being completely free to attend. This opens the door for you to mingle with fellow cocktail enthusiasts, learn from industry experts, and discover hidden gems in Sydney’s vibrant bar scene. Be prepared to expand your cocktail horizons with innovative concoctions crafted by these talented mixologists, using unique ingredients and unexpected flavour combinations.

The full program will be released in March, so keep an eye out and start planning your cocktail adventure! Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or simply curious to explore the world of mixology, the Maybe Cocktail Festival has something for everyone. So, raise a glass and get ready to taste the best sips from the globe.