Mary’s Crew Takeover The Basement Live Music Venue

Eat / February 5, 2019

Legendary burger flippers and live music lovers Mary’s breathe new life into The Basement.

Just when you thought the Mary’s crew were done spreading their burger flipping, antiestablishment wings, it would seem their mission to revitalise Sydney’s nightlife isn’t quite over yet. After opening the original Newtown burger joint, punters can now find that distinctive charm in the CBD, Paddington’s The Unicorn HotelThe Lansdowne and with Mary’s Pizzeria.

After the closure of the iconic Basement in Sydney last March, Mary’s co-founders Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham have now won the rights to take over the live music space and restaurant.

Under the new ‘Mary’s Underground’ name, Jake and Kenny will offer a casual eatery upstairs and a fancier offering underground. Upstairs you can expect everything from Mary’s signature burgers to fried chicken, trashcan bacon, plus for the plant eaters, a new couple of new vegan offerings.

The drinks list is set to mimic existing Mary’s menus, including a tight natural wine offering, supplied by the crew at P&V Merchants.

As for the basement level, patrons can expect a more intimate dining experience, inspired by ‘Euro-American’ cuisine.

On the all important music front, Mary’s Underground will provide live music an impressive seven nights a week, with entertainment curated by Mary’s Group Music and Entertainment Director Joe Muller.

With a focus on FREE live music, you’ll be able to grab a burger and a beer, and also catch a mishmash of up-and-coming artists and producers plus rock n’ roll bands.

The Basement has been known since the 70s for its live rock and smooth jazz nights, tragically closing its doors in March 2018 due to dwindling profits. Marking a huge blow to Sydney’s already struggling nightlife, Mary’s Underground hopes to breathe new life into Sydney’s after-hours scene.

Mary’s Underground is set to open in May. Watch this space for more information!

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