Imperfect Pick, Perfect Choice

Eat, Sydney / 16 September 2014

They say don’t judge the book by its cover. Harris Farm Markets have just introduced their new Imperfect Picks range bringing to market fruit and vegetables that may not look so perfect on the outside but taste just as good on the inside.
As an attempt to help reduce food wastage, they are raising awareness on the harsh standards of visual perfection required by supermarkets and even by some of the consumers. The range will still come from the best farmers in Australia as it always has; the only difference is that some of the products may have small blemishes, may be in weird shapes or have funny lumps. As an extra incentive to buy this produce Harris Farm are selling them at 50% cheaper than their usual produce including imperfect packham pears, navel oranges, pink lady apples, bananas, carrots and more.
Every time you buy an Imperfect Pick, you will be helping reduce food wastage and helping Aussie farmers as well as yourself save money. As part of the campaign, Harris Farm are also running a competition where you can win a $100 voucher for Harris Farm Markets. To get involved, simply upload an image of the weirdest and craziest looking fruit or veg that you can find and post with the caption “#IMPERFECTPICKS to #WIN a $100 voucher for Harris Farm Markets”.
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