Hyundai Teams up with The Bucket List

Sydney / 19 April 2014

Statistics say that over an Easter long weekend, there are more deaths on the road than at any other time of the year. This year Hyundai has teamed up with The Bucket List in Bondi Beach for the ‘Plan B Initiative’ with the goal of stopping Drink Driving. Drink Driving not only puts the driver’s life at risk but also others who share the road. This is a great way for people to have fun, while still being SAFE.
Last week I was lucky enough to experience the exclusive service Hyundai offers as well as trying the new Autumn menu at The Bucket List. Who knows why I wore jeans…a Mumu would have been more suitable for the amount of food I was about to consume. And let’s not forget the cocktails!

Hyundai Car

Our lovely driver escorted us into the venue where we were greeted by smiling staff. Despite it bucketing down with rain the place was still packed with loyal locals as we settled into our booth and let The Bucket List guys pick out some of their house specialities. Here’s what we ate:
Grilled haloumi with figs, beans, walnuts, rocket & basil

Bucket of fresh cooked QLD tiger prawns w seafood mayo & lemon

Grilled calamari with shaved zucchini, fennel, pomegranate, radish & tahini yoghurt

Roast & raw beetroots with quinoa, seeds, pickled onion, autumn leaves & yoghurt

Grilled flat iron steak with Norm & Robyn’s potatoes, autumn greens & chimichurri

Grilled 1⁄2 chicken with creamed corn, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, garlic & lemon

Grilled barramundi with braised eggplant, olives, sultanas, tomato & lemon

Lamb roast with sweet potato

Pear, rhubarb & coconut crumble with passionfruit ice-cream

Banana Banoffee Pie

Luckily the Hyundai car was waiting outside to drive us home safely. To tell you the truth I had to roll into the car – that’s how full I was.
Hyundai and The Bucket List strongly support anti-drink driving campaigns. They are doing their best to keep roads safe this long weekend and I am too!
Between 17th-28th April  The Bucket List and Hyundai Australia are supporting the Plan B Anti-Drink Driving Campaign. They’ll be offering a free shuttle service from the restaurant and 5 locations between North Bondi and Bondi Junction (North Bondi Bus Depot, Seven Ways North Bondi, Bondi Junction Train Station / Bus Depot, Waverley Council Chambers & CNR off Fletcher Street & Bondi Road).

The Bucket List
The Bondi Pavilion, Queen Elizebeth Drive, Bondi Beach, Sydney
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am to late

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