Hungry Wolf, Wollongong

Bars, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 22 June 2015

South of Sydney boasts some of the best road tripping views in New South Wales. In a short one-hour drive, you’ll find Wollongong, where new bars and restaurants are popping up all over town. The food game is strong and the restaurant scene is growing continually.
Amongst it all is Hungry Wolf,  little brother venue to The Howlin’ Wolf Bar, both located just off Crown St, Wollongong. If you’re looking for a quick brekkie, or a sit down lunch, they have a unique and tailored menu to suit everyone’s appetite. Serving Allpress coffee, this new venue has become a destination for the well-known blend.
Hungry Wolf
With mix-and-match options for lunch, you can choose from either a “bowl” or “plate” and then add one of their “thangs” to it. For instance, start with a bowl of zucchini ribbons with herbs, pumpkin seeds and lemon vinaigrette. Then add the slow braised brisket, which is cooked overnight for 14 hours. It’s a healthy, filling lunch option for $15.
Zuchini ribbons
We love the plate of heirloom tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella, herbs, deep fried tomatoes and potato gems. A balsamic reduction is drizzled over the dish and the fried tomatoes add a nice crunchy texture. This dish will set you back $10.
For dinner try some bar snacks, like Korean fried chicken wings, which are lightly battered and served with pickled radish (made in-house), and a fantastic Gochujang hot sauce. They also offer pork ribs in the evenings to share but if you’d prefer a main meal all to yourself they offer their lunch options in bigger, dinner style portions. The drunken pork belly, served with pickled apple, smashed chats and chilli honey for $25, won’t really make you drunk. It’s all in the American honey whiskey they use to glaze the meat.
hungry wolf 4
Hungry Wolf offers a lot of variety. Most of their lunch bowls are vegan, and half of their dinner menu is either gluten free or vegan friendly.
If you’re after a drink The Howlin’ Wolf is a skip away specialising in whiskey. You can also order the same food from the Hungry Wolf.
This bar opened in 2013 and has just won best bar in the Wollongong City Centre Business Awards. It is very popular amongst the locals. When you’re heading down to Wollongong next, we recommend giving this place a go.
Hungry Wolf
Hungry Wolf Kitchen
53-61 Crown St, Wollongong, NSW 2500