Hendrick’s Night into the Botanical Unknown

Drink, Sydney / 22 May 2013

Hendricks Gin threw quite an affair, on Thursday the 9th at the Botanical Garden Restaurant. The night tempted a journey into the Botanical unknown with Hendricks Gin original cocktail concoctions overflowing by the bowlful.

Strolling through the Botanical Gardens, on a Thursday night to find a crowd of trendy, well dressed explorers cueing up at the gates to the Garden quarters, set the scene for this dazzling evening. A winding road curved and cornered further into darkness as small pots of candlelight were left behind as the entrance grew closer.

Odd balls and bearded ladies in bathtubs greeted guests as they walked into the Botanical Garden Restaurant, completely transformed. Covered in overgrown ferns and spotted with spinning globes, test tubes, taxidermy and umbrellas it was like walking into an antique science laboratory. The drinks, of course, were fabulous. They were beautifully balanced and muddled with mint, ginger and green apples.

Lush gin tea punch was served in two moreish flavors, rose petal and raspberry tea and lemon citrus ginger brew. Both were dangerously delicious and sprinkled a sense of old world frivolities over the room. The groovy tunes and random live performances from three mad scientists ensured the night was extravagant and entertaining at all times.

The only downside is that it ended too soon. Hendrick´s Gin sure know how to soiree in style. Rumor has it there will be a couple more of these weird and wonderful events coming up. So keep an ear and eye out for news on the Eat Drink Play Newsletter. For those curious about Hendrick´s Gin and events, visit the Curiositorium.

Gin, Gin