Head To Harajuku Gyoza For Fusion Fast Food-Inspired Dumplings

Eat, Sydney / 9 March 2020

Your favourite fast-foods are now available as epic dumplings thanks to the crew from Harajuku Gyoza.

You know the feeling. You’re lying in bed on a Sunday afternoon, nursing a sore head from the night before. The world outside is too bright, too loud and the idea of cooking anything all too hard. In fact, mustering the energy to make any kind of culinary decision feels out of reach. Do you want a bucket of chicken wings? Perhaps a gooey mozzarella pizza? Or maybe a cheeseburger? Next time indecision strikes, why not have it all?

The month, the crew from Darling Harbour’s Harajuku Gyoza are offering Sydneysiders the ultimate hangover cure. For a limited time only the restaurant will be serving up their brand new Sumo Dude Food range. This epic menu offers a selection of fusion dumplings designed to give diners the best of both worlds. Why choose between your favourite fast-foods when you can have it all combined into a delicious plate of dumplings?

Harajuku Gyoza’s Sumo Dude Food range features five exclusive gyoza flavours, available from March 5th 2020. Prepare your stretchy pants, these epic fusion dumplings aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Start with a plate of Pepperoni Pizza Gyoza, packed with all the flavours you’d expect from this classic pizza and sprinkled with pepperoni chips and a dash of oregano. Why not try the Buffalo Chicken Gyoza, packed with classic Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wing flavours and served alongside a creamy Blue Cheese sauce. You’ll also find Mac N Cheese Gyoza (filled with Mac n Cheese and drizzled with Frank Mayo and Mac n Cheese chips) as well as the oh-so-cheesy Mozzarella Gyoza (deep-fried and topped with Twisties salt). Plus, you can even score a Cheeseburger Gyoza, loaded with flame-grilled 100% grass-fed beef along with aged cheddar, onion, pickles, mustard and tomato sauce.

If your stomach is already rumbling, head to Harajuku Gyoza in Darling Harbour to score your fill. But get in quick, these limited-edition gyozas won’t hang around for long. Find out more here.