Honkas 2.0? Potts Point Gets A Refresh With Hamilton

Eat, Sydney / 11 June 2024
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Honkas 2.0? Potts Point Gets A Refresh With Hamilton

Eat, Sydney / 11 June 2024

A familiar Potts Point address gets a stylish makeover! Hamilton breathes new life into the former Honkas Bar & Eats, offering a modern twist on a local favourite.

For Potts Point locals who hold fond memories of Honkas Bar & Eats, there’s a reason to revisit the familiar Roslyn Street address. Hamilton, the brainchild of restauranteur Hamilton Kings, isn’t entirely new, but rather a thoughtful evolution of the much-loved venue. Opening its doors on June 11th, Hamilton promises a relaxed atmosphere, delicious food perfect for sharing, and a calendar filled with engaging experiences.

Think of it as your favourite neighbourhood haunt but with a contemporary refresh. The interior boasts a sophisticated yet comfortable ambience, with forest green and bronze accents creating a warm and inviting space. Whether you choose to dine indoors or take advantage of the al fresco option, the focus remains on relaxed enjoyment.

Hamilton Potts Point Menu Selection

The menu reflects this easygoing philosophy. Sharing plates are the stars of the show, with highlights, like smoked trout parfait and karaage chicken tortillas, drizzled with maple syrup and sriracha mayo tempting the taste buds. Seafood lovers will appreciate the poached Atlantic salmon with dill and lemon, a dish that promises freshness and simplicity.

Hamilton also takes a cue from the popularity of Honkas’ cocktail-making experiences and will soon be expanding its offerings to include intimate cooking classes, with an Italian theme taking centre stage for now. Guests will learn the secrets to crafting the perfect limoncello or mastering the art of pesto using a traditional mortar and pestle.

“Our new establishment provides a reimaged restaurant offering, from cocktails to casual dining to cooking classes,” says Hamilton Kings. “We’ve curated a space that welcomes guests for all occasions.”

True to his word, Hamilton caters to a variety of preferences. Weekday diners can take advantage of special offers like $20 pasta nights or $5 tortilla nights, making it an ideal spot for a casual and affordable meal.

Whether you’re indulging in delectable shared plates, soaking up the sunshine on the terrace, or mastering the art of limoncello in an intimate class, Hamilton promises a relaxed and inviting experience.

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