Meet Gyūsha, Chippendale’s new paddock to plate Japanese yakiniku

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 23 October 2019

Move over Korean BBQ, Gyūsha is a brand-new Japanese yakiniku and retail meat shop that brings top notch wagyu beef directly from the local farm of husband and wife owners Jon and Angie Choi. 

Gyūsha (meaning the cow shed or barn door) needs to be on your radar if you are on the hunt for out-of-the-box dinner-date spot. The best bit? If you don’t want to dine in, there is even the option to choose a stunning slab of wagyu from the fridge to take home and cook yourself. Genius. 

Newly opened in Chippendale’s bustling Central Park, Gyūsha is far from a cookie-cutter dining experience. From selecting your own cut of wagyu to tossing it onto the grill at your table, this is a venue designed to engage diners. Plus their carefully curated drinks list showcases a selection of sakes and shōchū that ooze an authentic Japanese feel. 

After 16 years of working as a Senior Sous Chef the renowned Aria, Gyūsha’s Head Chef Matsumoto Kazuyuki (Kazu) returns to his roots of traditional Japanese cooking.  The menu delivers Japanese curries, don, shabu shabu, sandos, sushi, and oh-so-fresh sashimi. 

Gyusha Japanese Chippendale 2019

With an emphasis on exceptional service, it is no surprise that General Manager, Koichi Sakai brings over 20 years of hospitality management experience to the restaurant. The team are on hand to help you navigate the menu, guiding you towards the best flavour combinations of ponzu, black sesame, white sesame, and ketchup-based sauces as you attend the grill. 

Gyūsha doesn’t feel like just another BBQ restaurant – whilst it is good fun, there is a sense of luxury in every detail. From the bespoke cocktails, each with their own Japanese twist (be sure to try the Gyūsha Negroni made with Sakurao Gin) to the premium Shabu Shabu that is rarely seen in Sydney. Did we mention that the space also pays homage to their family wagyu farm near Dubbo through its subtle barn-style décor? 

But in addition to the family produced wagyu beef, there is an extensive selection of wagyu beef from other Australian producers. You will be amazed at the differences in the meat’s marbling, texture and flavour. Plus, there’s also the opportunity to taste wagyu beef direct from Japan. 

Expect juicy, melt in your mouth tenderness. Expect staff who are there to guide you on a culinary and sensory journey and don’t be surprised if you end up in the karaoke room upstairs as you’ll never want to leave. 

Gyūsha is open for lunch every day between 12-3 pm. Or, we recommend going for dinner, Sunday-Thursday 5:30 – 10:30 pm and Friday-Saturday until 11 pm. And yes, you can thank us later.