A Glow-In-The-Dark Dessert Cave Exists in Martin Place

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 31 May 2017

You dough-not want to miss this: A dessert cave is selling glowing doughnuts!

Vivid Coordinators are known for pushing the creative envelope. Just look towards the luminescent tigers clinging to Sydney’s ferries as they dart across Sydney Harbour. Or to the projection of giant awakened creatures on Sydney’s Opera House. There’s also Barangaroo’s Trapdoor, an optical illusion in which the ground opens up to reveal a mysterious subterranean world. Trying to navigate your way through this sensory thoroughfare can be cumbersome, which is why we’ve scoped out the a culinary inspired sight you simply can’t miss: a glow-in-the-dark dessert cave.
It is birth-child of creative geniuses Lux Populi.
Make the trip to Martin Place to find a glowing tree, cascading 10 metres above a makeshift forest floor. Beneath the tree, Motti+Smith have brought in smokehouse prodigies Porteño to roast barbecue treats on an open-flame fire pit that casts a warm glow across the surrounding bar and dining area. Joining them are some of NSW’s best fire chefs, including Luke Powell of LP Quality Meats and Ibrahim Kasif of Stanbuli. They’ll be creating exciting culinary collaborations with locally sourced wines and beverages.
After you’ve filled your smoked meats quota, you’ll want to feast on an array of glowing desserts, including glow-in-the-dark doughnuts! Black Star Pastry, renown for their Insta-famous watermelon cake, are behind this latest creative treat, aptly called GLOW-NUTS. They’ll be available for sale from 5:30pm daily for the next 18 days.
What makes them glow, you might ask? Apparently it has a lot to do with a special black light used in the glow cave. Not the bi-product of one glowing alien, alas.

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