Chica Bonita CBD are giving away FREE burritos

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Sydney / 19 June 2019

Any juan keen for (free) burritos? Chica Bonita CBD have you covered.

Mark your calendars, and gather your lunchtime buddies, Chica Bonita in the CBD are slinging free burritos! On Monday 24th June, head on down to the groovy Mexican joint and score yourself a Cali burrito.

The 2-month-old taqueria has been dubbed the ‘mature sister’ to the well-loved Mexican restaurant in Manly. Chica Bonita features clay walls and bold mustard coloured hues, an interior that intends on transporting you to Mexico’s Baja peninsula and boy, does it succeed.

In celebration of their new takeaway lunchtime menu, launching at 11:30am on Monday 24th June, the California burrito will be flying out the door.

This burrito is packed with carne asada steak, guacamole, cheese and fries. Don’t worry, beloved vegetarian friends, there will of course also be a free meatless option, a sweet potato burrito with quinoa, black beans, red cabbage, and chipotle mayo.

This is no time for a siesta, Chica Bonita are only giving away the first 100 free, and to be eligible you will need to sign up with your email here.

Do not panic if you miss out, there will still be takeaway lunch time options, you will just have to whip out the old wallet.

Head on down to Chica Bonita to cure your Monday-itis with the greatest thing there ever was, free food.