Australia’s First Charcoal Chicken Drive-Thru Has Opened In Sydney

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Sydney / 31 July 2020

Grab a delicious charcoal chook on-the-go at Australia’s first charcoal chicken drive-thru.

It’s Tuesday night at 7 pm. You’re wrecked from a huge day at work and have your sights set on melting into the couch. Suddenly, you remember your dreaded conundrum: what’s for dinner? Instead of racing to the grocery store or playing “Mystery Box” with your pantry (because let’s face it, none of us can compete with the MasterChef talent), we’ve found the perfect mid-week dinner solution.

Say hello to Frangos Charcoal Chicken‘s brand new charcoal chicken drive-thru. Now open at Frangos’ outpost in Edmondson Park, this epic new opening is the first charcoal chicken drive-thru to open in Australia, giving punters the chances to score a delicious feed without leaving their car.

For those who aren’t familiar with Frangos, let’s explain why you should be excited about this foodie news. Frangos is a family-run charcoal chook chain that has been serving up delicious Portuguese chicken and burgers since 1989. In fact, you’ll find a bunch of Frangos outposts dotted across Sydney, with locations in Petersham, Bella Vista, Smithfield, Penrith, Gregory Hills and (most recently) Edmonson Park.

There’s never been a better time for the Frangos to launch this drive-thru venue. With COVID-19 restrictions limiting dine-in experiences, this drive-thru concept is a perfect COVID-safe way for Sydneysiders to score delicious charcoal chicken from the comfort and safety of their own car.

So, what can you expect on the menu at Frangos’ drive-thru? Expect all their classics including Frango’s Original Portuguese Burger (loaded with their secret recipe Piri Piri Chilli sauce as well as plenty of chips (loaded which plain or chicken salt), tonnes of Portuguese charcoal chicken and so much more.

Ready to get dinner sorted? Frangos’ Drive-Thru is now open at 2074 Camden Valley Way, Edmonson Park, open daily from 10am to late. Find out more here.¬†

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