Fair Quinoa Vodka On The Rocks

Drink, Sydney / 10 September 2014

Forget the hangover with Fair Quinoa Vodka

A bottle of FAIR Quinoa Vodka sat on my desk for two months before I took the time to sample this new product. It wasn’t because I wasn’t curious about trying the first quinoa based vodka in the world, in fact the whole concept of an organic, gluten free vodka that contained 90% quinoa had my attention. But when you’re a food and drinks writer and constantly reviewing new bars and restaurants it’s hard to find the time to settle in and try new products in the comfort of your own home, or office.
I was due to get on a Malaysia Airlines flight in two days when I woke to the news of the second plane going down. I’m not a nervous flier but this rattled me. I spent all day obsessing over news articles and trying to apply logic and statistics to my situation. I made it to the end of the day and was the only one left in the office when a friend came by to wish me a safe flight. I suggested we have a drink, I needed to try this new vodka, plus it would calm my nerves.
We tried FAIR Quinoa Vodka straight, no ice. It had a floral, fruity aroma, no strong alcohol burn to the nostrils. The taste was creamy with a smooth mouth finish and really delicious, no mixers necessary. We liked it that much, we drank the entire bottle.
I woke up the next day in a complete haze dreading the hangover I was about to face. I headed downstairs and waited for it to kick in. I waited and I waited. It never came. I drank half a bottle of this vodka and had absolutely no hangover whatsoever! Even better I wasn’t even thinking about my flight. Now, i’m an advocate for responsible drinking and savouring good alcohol. I in no way suggest you drink a bottle or half of this vodka and I definitely can’t promise you won’t get a hangover. I’m merely stating the facts about what happened.
No hangover is a nice drawcard but FAIR Quinoa Vodka has a few of those. It’s the first Fairtrade certified vodka and has already acquired several spirit awards. It’s made from quinoa seeds grown by small independent Bolivian producers and distilled, produced and bottled in France. It took almost two years to create this unique vodka after intense research and development between Bolivian producers and French distillers.
This may just be the healthiest vodka in the world! It’s rich in protein, gluten free, made from a super food and doesn’t give you a hangover (ok didn’t give me a hangover)!
Find out where to get your hands on a bottle through the Australian distributor Noble Spirits.