Drinking with Gosling at The Carlisle Bar

Bars, Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 12 March 2014

It is one thing to step into a sophisticated piece of New York in the middle of Kings Cross. It’s another when your crazy, stupid love is waiting for you at the bar. Yes ladies, you-know-who actually calls Sydney home… and I have the exclusive address.
Welcome to The Carlisle Bar a new addition to Kings Cross combining the energy of Darlinghurst Road with the relative intimacy of Kellett Street. It’s the place for you to get your night started or a place to dance arm-in-arm with Rye An’ Gosling. Yes ladies (and gentlemen) that’s right- here you can sip on a cleverly-named, delectable concoction of rye whisky, Goslings black Seal rum, homemade ginger beer, freshly squeezed apple juice and bitters for just $10 a pop- that’s less than a trip to the movies.

Rye An’ Gosling

We were recently invited in to try their new menu of share style dishes including The Carlisle’s Haloumi ($14) made with real, not powdered, milk and personally churned by an 86-year-old Greek woman. Four generous wedges lightly grilled are topped with grape and balsamic reduction. The sweetness cuts through the salt and creaminess of the cheese… you really can tell the difference that the real milk (and a bit of love) makes.
Other items on the menu not to be missed include the Prawns & Calamari ($18), which are lightly fried and served with three dipping sauces (sweet chilli plum, soy teriyaki, wasabi aioli), the Tortilla Chips ($16) that were made to carry fresh avocado with coriander, chilli and fresh lime to your lips and Spicy Chicken ($16) thigh fillets that are marinated in the “chef’s special sauce”, barbecued and served thinly sliced.
And when it is time to move on from Rye An’ and try something new, The Carlisle has plenty of other options. South of the Border ($18) mixes Sydney’s current favourite spirit mezcal with its native buddy tequila, as well as passionfruit, lime and vanilla. And when the pennies are getting pretty tight, $7 (and again cleverly-named) cocktails such as Passion of the Anti-Christ (a Whisky Sour with a twist of passionfruit) and That Drink with the Lychees in it (a Havana Club Daiquiri with muddled lychees) can help keep your tasty night going a little longer.
What’s particularly cool about The Carlisle is that it is a multipurpose venue. My date (who coincidentally considers himself a bit of a Gosling look-a-like) and I sat in one of the booths in the the front Workman’s Bar for an intimate catch-up. Walk through to the sultry main night club for a boogie and bottle service at night or hire out the VIP room downstairs, which can fit up to 60 people partying around a real tree dressed in fairy lights. It is this combination of fab food, unique drinks and atmospheric options that makes The Carlisle so much more than just another Kings Cross club. Oh, and there’s also that possible brush with fame that you may have while there…
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