Deep Groove, Newtown, Sydney's newest record bar

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 29 March 2017

Groove on down to meet the newest kid (KING) of cool on Newtown’s block – Deep Groove. 

Two years ago, a corporate man walked into a record bar in Singapore. A concept he’d never before seen. As a lover of vinyl with a vast collection of his own, he was intrigued. Not too long after, this same man, Melbournian Steve Sparshott was visiting Sydney and struck up a conversation with a lovely lady identified as Mai Polic. 6-months of a long distance relationship passed before Steve realised it was time he shifted his life to Sydney to be with this lovely lady. Together they decided to open a record bar. And that kids, is the story of how the Deep Groove, Sydney’s newest record bar, was born.
Deep Groove
On Sunday 19th March 2017, the two Newtown loves of record stores and bars merged together, hitting the scene with Deep Groove. Craving a bar that plays your favourite tunes? Well head on in. We will admit, sometimes you exhaust your musical bank and a good old background playlist is the perfect filler. But only for a few minutes. More often, you’ll find funky jazz blues and a class of red, some Guns ‘n’ Roses and The Deep Groove Yuzu cocktail through the doors of Deep Groove. Let the Sex Pistols turn into Men at Work as you head to the bar, to order a beer and a tune.
Stepping up to the music player will be like walking through the aisles of the Hogwarts Great Hall to endure The Sorting Hat. An unnecessarily nervous endeavour. But, once the decision has been revealed, you will be feeling the groove deep within your committed heart.
Deep Groove
The Deep Groove is a classic salute to the days of vinyl. Lined with rock and pop posters and vinyl sleeves hung across the walls, the Deep Groove is a soothing existence perched amidst the hustle of Newtown’s King Street. Steven’s collection of 410 vinyl records covers music of all genres, suiting people of all kinds. From Beyonce, to Anthrax, The Beatles, Justin Bieber and more, the Deep Grooves have got it all.
Here to ease your soul, and not to burden your bank account, a customer request came in for a Madonna track, that was not in their repertoire. Instead of saying “no we don’t have that”, Steven took it upon himself to run up the street to Newtown’s iconic Hum on King. Purchasing a Madonna vinyl, the love for Deep Groove and their customers was demonstrated through this heroic effort.
Deep Groove
Get on down to the Deep Groove. With Happy Hour happening daily from 5pm-7pm with $10 cocktails, there’s really no excuse not to experience Sydney’s newest record bar. Check out their Facebook page here.
Deep Groove
191 King Street, Newtown
Monday-Sunday 4pm-12am
Contact: Best through Facebook Messenger