Das Juice, A New Sustainable Juice Bar Opens in Redfern

Drink, Sydney / 12 December 2018

Using imperfect produce to make pressed juices, smoothies and more, Das Juice is the new juice bar making a difference.

Food wastage is all too prevalent in the hospitality sphere, with tonnes of perfectly tasty, albeit imperfect-in-appearance produce ending up in landfill each year.

The team behind CBD cocktail bar Papa Gede’s is bucking this trend, turning towards the world of juice and sustainability with a new juice bar concept. Das Juice is the brain child of Michael Dhinse, Joshua Ng and Lara Dignam, who have opened the daytime hangout in Redfern.

This is no ordinary health conscious juice bar though. The team aim to save tonnes of fruit and vegetables from landfill each month by sourcing ‘imperfect’ produce. It will be used in a selection of cold press juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls and poke bowls. Fighting the war against waste furthermore, Das Juice will also compost every scrap of pulp, off cuts, coffee grinds and commercially compostable plastics that crosses their path.

das juice

The team are currently working with Imperfect Markets, a start-up who source fruit and vegetables with cosmetic imperfections, odd sizes or in mass oversupply and the Biopak organic composting service to commercially compost all organic matter and plant-based plastics.

“We have about 40 years combined experience mixing alcoholic drinks and want to bring that to the daytime – as in, let’s do for juice what small bars did for drinking. Create a unique experience that engages with the local community and brings character to the market of juicing and healthy eating.” Says Dignam.

“We love Redfern, it has a vibrant, growing cafe and climate-conscious culture, and we want to evolve with the area by creating a place and a product that is both health and environmentally conscious.”

“The 80% reduction of plastic bag consumption in Australia shows that there is hope in changing consumer behaviour and we want to be part of that revolution. We’re determined to figure out the most efficient way to deliver yummy juices and healthy lunches to this community without it costing the earth (pun intended), and have fun doing it. I mean, just because we’re saving the planet, doesn’t mean we should lose our sense of humour.” Reiterates Dignam.

As part of their offical launch party, Das Juice are throwing a Poke-Party this Thursday 13th December from 12pm until sold out. Head down for $5 poke bowls, featuring pickled carrots and cucumber they have ‘rescued’ from landfill.