Crumble Top Dessert Bar, Newtown

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Sydney / 2 November 2016

Create your own wondrous dessert curtsey of Crumble Top!

What does a hug from mum, cocooning yourself in your donna and a big bowl of pasta all have in common?  An intense comfort factor. When it comes to dessert though, it’s hard to beat a warm, homemade crumble. Luke Stack recognised this promising business opportunity, opening his very own DYI dessert bar, Crumble Top. Situated on King Street in the heart of Newtown, this innovative dessert palour invites customers to design their own crumble which is then made and baked to order.
Stack has worked alongside some big names, including Gordon Ramsey as a Sous Chef in London. In between this time, he has also worked in high-performing kitchens across the world, including Paris, Sardinia and Dubai. With exposure to so many influential names in food, he took the opportunity to open Crumble Top for himself.
crumble top toppings
So how exactly does it work? Well it’s fairy simple. 1. pick your crumble filling, 2. topping, 3. sauce and 4. choose your ice cream. All the flavours are based on seasonal fruits, berries, and fresh ingredients. You can keep your crumble classic with an apple rhubarb filling and oats crumble topping. Whacky creations are also on offer, with white chocolate rhubarb fillings and toppings such as salted caramel and chocolate peanut butter. Ice cream flavours vary from vanilla bean to lavender, cardamon and fresh ginger. There are also gluten free and vegan options, allowing everyone to get in on the action.
crumble top ice cream
The Crumble Top team have recently paired with UberEatsDeliveroo and Menulog, with hundreds of crumbles are being delivered all over Sydney. When we jumped onto Deliveroo, we couldn’t resist the sound of the pears, cherry and citrus filling with white chocolate macadamia crumble top, vanilla custard sauce and vanilla bean ice cream. Pure heaven, right?
With business booming, Luke is now looking to franchise Crumble Top across the rest of Sydney, New South Wales and Australia. Hurray!
Crumble Top
125 King street, Newtown, (02) 8068 0734
To check out the menu, click here

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