Crumbed In Neutral Bay Is Serving Up Sydney’s Best Schnitty – Try For Yourself

Eat, Sydney / 18 July 2022

We invite you to see if Crumbed is serving Sydney’s Best Schnitty, and they’ll throw in a FREE Butter Boy Brownie for dessert!

There are few things Sydneysiders love more than a good schnitty and we’ve been told there’s a ghost kitchen in Neutral Bay serving up some of the best. For those not familiar with ghost kitchens, they pump out food that is only available for takeaway, and typically, the kitchen location isn’t disclosed. Although this can evoke fear in our foodie friends who are scared to receive a bad order, fear not in ghost kitchen Crumbed.

Run by the team from Against The Grind, one of the Lower North Shore’s most beloved and well-known coffee shops, Crumbed has been pumping out takeaway schnitzel and sides for almost a year. The concept launched in the midst of COVID when dining in restaurants seemed worlds away and stuffing your face from the couch with Netflix blaring was a preferred pastime. The husband and wife duo came to the conclusion that schnitzel was mutually their favourite comfort food, and realised there was nowhere to get one locally of this caliber.

Crumbed makes schnitty the old-fashioned way – in-house, by hand, and with quality ingredients. The team works closely with the legends from Haverick Meats to get organically farmed pork, veal and chicken. These are dipped into free-range whole eggs, followed by fluffy panko crumbs made from Japanese milk bread. Each piece of meat is also kissed by a secret mix of herbs and spices giving an incredible crunch factor that packs a punch of flavour while remaining light. Crumbed fresh to order and pan-fried till golden in natural vegetable oil, it doesn’t get much better.

Anthony Bourdain once described schnitzel as “Surfboard-sized slabs of veal and pork filled with many wonderful things, dredged in breadcrumbs and fried in magical, magical deep fat”. We think the schnitzels at Crumbed are the “Surfboard-sized slabs” he was talking about…

So what should you order? Crumbed’s most popular options are the Chicken Schnitty made with tender breast fillet, or the 250g Veal Schnitty which is prepared on the bone to remain succulent and juicy, emulating Cotoletta Alla Milanese, the Italian style of preparing schnitzel. Pair these with their housemade Paris Mash, Gravy which takes a total of 48 hours to prepare, or the Mac & Three Cheese as the ultimate comfort add-on.


For all you schnitty connoisseurs who want to give Crumbed a try, the team will be offering dessert on the house! All orders made through the website or via phone to pick up will score a Butter Boy Brownie for dessert. Made locally in Manly by the bakers behind Rollers, these decadent cookie sandwiches will have sweet tooths at bay with flavours of Golden Gaytime and Nutella. Offer available now until the 6th of August 2022.

Order online here to pick up or call 0450675757.
Open Wednesday – Saturday from 5pm – 8:30pm

Sponsored Love. This post is proudly brought to you in partnership with Crumbed. Thank you for supporting the partners that make Eat Drink Play possible.

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