Cream Espresso Cafe, Naremburn

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 16 November 2016

Prepare your appetites for Cream Espresso and their epic breakfast platter.

Breakfast and brunch are usually a fairly relaxing affair. It is not often that you have to both physically and mentally prepare yourself for it. Cream Espresso may be the exception to the rule. The cosy little cafe on the trendy lower North Shore suburb of Naremburn serves up one truly decadent breakfast platter. Write off your mornings for this one – it’s one delicious task that will take a little bit of actual effort but will be worth every bite.
Cream Espresso - Menu Board
Open for breakfast and lunch, this airy, rustic style cafe has a menu which ranges from sweet indulgences to savoury treats. But nothing takes the cake like their Breakfast Tower ($32.50pp). A two tiered masterpiece of two kinds of cooked eggs, bacon, chorizo, haloumi, kumera hash, roast tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, wilted spinach, avocado plus sourdough toast. If you thought that wasn’t enough, there’s also breakfast dessert – the cafes signature Nutella pancakes with vanilla ice-cream and berry compote.
Cream Espresso - Breakfast Tower
The chorizo was a very welcoming addition to this breakfast feast. Smokey and flavoursome, it complimented the wilted spinach and haloumi perfectly. For all you sweet potato lovers, you’ll be happy to know the kumera hash is simply a sweet potato style hash brown. What’s a big breakfast without hash browns? The first tier of the breakfast platter is basically your standard big breakfast on steroids – perfect for when you’re feeling a little more than just peckish.
The star of the show however were the Nutella pancakes. Fluffy pillows soaked in maple syrup and sweet berry compote, with lashings of Nutella all over the top. Pure breakfast heaven! We couldn’t resist and engulfed the pancakes before anything else. If you’re not feeling particularly brave and don’t feel like slaying this tower alone, you can order the Nutella pancakes on their own for $17.
Cream Espresso - Blueberry and honey smoothie
Cream Espresso serve up Morgan’s Handcrafted Panther blend of coffee. They’ve transformed it into drinks like their cold brewed coffee ($5) with either sweetened condensed milk or vanilla syrup. Take a seat in the sun and drift away with this tasty cold drink because after all, what’s breakfast without coffee? Refresh yourself between bites with the cafes classic breakfast smoothies like their blueberry and honey ($6.80) or their pineapple, mint and raspberry frappe ($6.80).
On the whole, the tower comes as a challenging feat. We recommend bringing along a big group of mates with equally big appetites. That way you’ll get the chance to have a taste test of everything, without the post-feast regret. Be sure to check out the cafes menu for a whole range of less daunting breakfast and lunch bites.
Cream Espresso.
292 Willoughby Road, Naremburn NSW 2065, 9436 0300, Open Mon – Sat 7am-4pm Sun 8am-4pm