Clamouring for Cocktails

Bars, Drink, Events, Sydney / 4 March 2014

My date to the Bars March launch was a handsome young fellow that I’d been entertaining the thought of getting jiggy with. That idea was killed when I was greeted at the door by two shirtless hunks holding tuxedo wearing sausage dogs.
The venue was the scenic Café Del Mar in Darling Harbour, and the spectacular view over the water took my breath away. Despite my best efforts to dress up for the occasion, I felt like a frump next to Glamazons Miss World Australia and Miss Australia 2014.
Bars March was formerly known as Parched March  is the cheeky alternative to Dry July. It’s Sydney’s only month-long celebration of bar culture in support of animal charities and is now in its fifth year. More than 80 Sydney bars will be mixing up special cocktails throughout the month of March.
Major sponsor Suntory- is a booze company no stranger to good times and delicious cocktails. We had three signature drinks to try during the evening.
I like to think of myself as a very bubbly person much like the Midori Fizz that miraculously appeared in my hand. Made with Midori, Russian Standard vodka and a squeeze of fresh lime, it was the perfect thing to cool me down before the sun set over Darling Harbour. Much to my date’s delight, there was plenty of beer for the non-cocktail lovers in the crowd.
My next drink, the Sidecar, took me for quite a ride. In a tall, sugar-rimmed martini glass, the Cointreau, Remy Martin VSOP Cognac and fresh lemon juice ensured that I would not be driving myself home that night.
Figuring I might as well score three for three, my last cocktail was the Russian mule. With Russia Standard Original Vodka, ginger beer and fresh lime I definitely felt it kicking as I made for the circulating trays of canapés.
The pork and apple celeriac went down a treat, as did the crunchy tamari chicken with lime. The Pardon peppers had a quite a kick but the culinary highlight of the evening was the pig jowls with truffle-mashed potatoes. They were enough to persuade me to put my Judaism on hold and indulge in more than I’d care to admit.
When my date wandered off to try his luck with the Miss Australia’s, I was conned into taking another Midori Fizz by one of the beautiful shirtless men I’d admired on the way in. Somehow, cocktails look even more delicious in close proximity to a six-pack of rock-hard abs and a cute scowl.
Later in the night, according to my notes – I stopped taking notes. A good-looking DJ spun some old-school tunes while I mellowed out in front of the beautiful view over the now-darkened Darling Harbour. And judging by the number of empty glasses, the cocktails went down a treat with the crowd as well. With over a hundred bars participating in the Bars March festival, I can feel a cocktail-fuelled month coming on!
For a full list of events happening during Bars March including:
March 16th: Puppy Prom at The Alexandria Hotel 1pm-4pm.
March 20th: Mr CBD at The Argyle top floor 6.30pm- 10pm
See Bar March Website