Chica Bonita

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 10 April 2013

Are you are a Mexican or a Mexi-can’t? Sydney has had a Mexican invasion with lots of new south of the border inspired restaurants opening up. I say, bring it on! I am definitely a Mexi-can. I like Mexican (and food in general) that much I’d even head OTB for a good taco. That’s ‘over the bridge’, not ‘over the border’ though I joke to Mr Curl Curl I pack my passport every time I visit him.
I’d walk past Chica Bonita last time I was in Manly and remember making a mental note to check it out. Half the fun of this little bar/restaurant is finding the place! It’s tucked down a little shopping alley off The Corso and holds no more than 30 people including the seats at the bar. They don’t take bookings so if you don’t get a seat straight away put your name down, grab a drink at The Steyne then come back, it’s worth it.
My eyes are bigger than my belly and I wanted to try everything on the menu. The prices are really reasonable so I wouldn’t blame anyone for trying. We take a seat at the bar and I order a ‘Pink Bits Watermelon’ margarita. It’s refreshing and I could easily sip these all night. The menu is two pages, drinks on one side and food on the other. If you’re not into watermelon there are 4 other styles of margaritas including the classic to choose from. You can also order wine and Mexican beer or for $10 the bartender will bring you a beer and tequila shot- dangerous!
Open for lunch and dinner the food menu focuses on burritos by day and tacos by night. If you’re going at night I recommend ordering the ceviche served with a fresh batch of corn chips in a paper bag. Then order the chimichangas (pulled pork, black beans and cheese wrapped in thin pastry set on chipotle cream). The tacos are $5 each and I really want to order one of each but act like a lady and simply order the Baja Fish Taco (battered fish with cabbage and Baja cream). Then I steal Mr Curl Curls Tama Asada taco (grilled steak, fried cork and pickled cabbage). Who was I kidding I only wanted one taco?




Chica Bonita is a funny little spot with great service, food and drinks. It’s not good for larger groups, I recommend keep it to 2-3 people max. I’m already planning my next OTB adventure; I have more tacos to try!
Chica Bonita

7 The Corso, Manly
(02) 9976 5255
Open Tues- Sun 12-3pm and 6-11pm

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