Carriageworks Lights Up With Four FREE Large-Scale Art Installations

Film & Art, Play, Sydney / 12 January 2020

Experience these immersive glowing artworks for free, now open as part of Carriagework’s summer 2020 program.

Carriageworks is renowned as a destination for boundary-pushing art and creativity. From after-dark foodie festivals celebrating local culinary talent to hosting exhibitions from artists locally and abroad, the precinct is committed to providing a platform to artists of every medium. And this summer, Carriageworks has launched its 2020 program with major site-specific artworks that engage audiences with contemporary ideas and issues.

Uniting four of Australia’s leading artists, Carriagework’s new artworks deliver participatory large-scale installations by Rebecca Baumann, Daniel Boyd and Kate Mitchell, launching from January 8th. Later in January, Carriageworks welcomes Reko Rennie’s illuminated text work REMEMBER ME, all of which are free to public and launching as part of Sydney Festival (and running throughout the year). In a commitment to social and cultural diversity, two of these works are presented by Aboriginal artists with all using the medium of light in different states across the Carriageworks space – from natural to projected and even LED lights.

These artists tackle tough and complex subjects such as the experience of time, solar movement and perceptions of history through artworks designed to challenge and inspire. Wondering what to look out for at Carriageworks this summer? Here’s a snapshot of the key artworks opening this month.

Carriageworks Installations 2020
Image: Zan Wimberley

REBECCA BAUMANN: RADIANT FLUX (January 8th to June 14th 2020)

Rebecca’s response to the unique architecture of Carriageworks comes to life as luminous material covering every glass surface of the building’s exterior. Colours of blue, magenta and yellow fill the space, shifting depending on which angle you view the space. As Rebecca’s most ambitious work to date, Radiant Flux explores the connection between interior and exterior space while drawing attention to the heritage and contemporary spirit of Carriageworks.

Carriageworks Installations 2020
Image: Zan Wimberley

DANIEL BOYD: VIDEO WORKS (January 8th to March 1st 2020)

Kudjala/Gangalu artist Daniel Boyd uses painting, video and installation to create an immersive journey through space and time. Using his motif of a circular lens to fragment and disrupt Eurocentric perspectives of history, this work illustrates how knowledge can be both lost and found through information shared and obstructed. Expect a hypnotic work that continually loops in an ever-changing sequence of image and sound.

Carriageworks Installations 2020
Image: Zan Wimberley

KATE MITCHELL: ALL AURAS TOUCH (January 8th to March 1st 2020)

Offering a snapshot of modern Australia is colour, Kate Mitchell’s work explores the relationship between what we do and who we are. This immersive work uses 1023 images captured using the Aura Camera 6000, an electromagnetic field imaging camera to create an aura portrait for each participant’s job title. It’s a visual exploration of census data and interrogates the lack of empathy in Australia’s public discourse.

Carriageworks Installations 2020
Image: Zan Wimberley

REKO RENNIE: REMEMBER ME (January 2020 to January 2021)

Due for completion in January 2020, Reko Rennie’s minimal installation is set to be both monumental and tender. Spanning 25 metres in length and 5 metres in height, the words ‘Remember Me’ draw on his identity as a Kamilaroi man living and working in an urban environment. This work serves as a present-day memorial to acknowledge the frontier wars, massacres and survival of the Aboriginal people of Australia.


What: Carriageworks 2020 Program 
Where: Carriageworks, 245 Wilsons Street, Eveleigh
When: January 8th 2020 (ongoing)
Cost: Free