Still Got The Moves? Cargo Bar Reopens With A Fresh Look

Play, Sydney / 6 June 2024
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Still Got The Moves? Cargo Bar Reopens With A Fresh Look

Play, Sydney / 6 June 2024

Get ready for round two at Cargo Bar, but with a swanky new look!

Remember Cargo Bar? You know, that place where the drinks flowed freely (maybe a little too freely at times!), the music pulsed all night, and the harbour views were the perfect backdrop for countless stories (both legendary and slightly regrettable)? Well, after a four-month hiatus, Cargo is back on the scene with a fresh look, but thankfully, the party spirit remains firmly intact.

For some of us, Cargo was the place for those early adulthood milestones – the first legal drink (celebrated with way too much enthusiasm), that awkward first date that (hopefully) blossomed into something more, and maybe even a post-breakup dance session fuelled by questionable decisions and undeniable fun.

Cargo Bar Food

Walking into Cargo 2.0 feels a bit like revisiting an old friend. The essentials are all there, the stunning waterfront location and the spacious dance floor that’s practically begging for a boogie, but there’s a definite upgrade. The lighting and sound systems are state-of-the-art, ensuring the music hits you right in the feels. Plus, the sleek new DJ booth looks like it could handle anything a Sydney DJ throws at it.

The makeover goes beyond the dance floor. The main room has a sophisticated yet playful vibe, with neutral tones balanced by pops of green and light timber furniture. It’s perfect for catching up with friends before hitting the dance floor, or for those who prefer a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. Upstairs, the Level 1 Lounge feels positively luxurious, with an emerald-hued bar and a VIP area ideal for larger groups.

Cargo Bar DJ

Of course, no trip to Cargo would be complete without a visit to the beer garden. This Sydney institution has always known the importance of a good outdoor space, and Cargo 2.0 doesn’t disappoint. The beloved beer garden has been revamped with a full awning, perfect for year-round enjoyment, and a splash of Palm Springs-inspired charm thanks to colourful furniture and lush greenery.

And because a good night often starts with a good feed, Cargo 2.0 offers a brand-new all-day menu. Expect casual eats perfect for sharing, from crowd-pleasers like crispy chicken wings (choose smoky-sweet maple bourbon or fiery buffalo for a tastebud challenge) to heartier options like schnitzel burgers and Japanese eggplant bowls. Plus, they haven’t forgotten the value factor – check out the weekly $25 lunch and drink specials for a tasty and budget-friendly option.

So get ready to recreate those 2000s digital camera photos because Cargo 2.0 is back and ready to show you it still knows how to party.

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