Campos Coffee – Elida Geisha

Drink, Sydney / 12 October 2015

There’s a new range brewing at Campos Coffee.

Coffee. The word conjures up notions of rich, deep, chocolatey brews – nourishing headaches and hangovers alike. But for all the wonders a classic brew can lend to its non-functioning sipper of a 6am start,  there’s a wide range of more nuanced blends that your average bean-lover may not have tried. From Columbian nuttiness to Kenyan boldness, the spectrum is nigh on endless. But what if there was something a little more different, a little more challenging on offer? Well, Campos Coffee does have something for the caffeine connoisseur – their Geisha range.
Campos Coffee - Best of Panama 2015 Gold Series
But one blend in particular stands out from this range, and that’s the Elida Geisha blend. It won the internationally judged Best of Panama competition this year, and is a cut above your average 9am coffee.
Campos Coffee - Best of Panama 2015 Gold Series
It’s a lighter, more floral brew that has an almost tea-like finish to it. With notes of jasmine, blueberry and lemon, it’s the satisfying answer to those who can’t decide between tea and coffee.
Campos Coffee bought two lots of this coffee earlier in the year, but have since sold out, as this is perhaps the rarest (and most expensive) coffee available in the world.
Campos Coffee - Best of Panama 2015 Gold Series
They aim to restock next year, and in the interim, have other ranges of Geisha coffee available on their website, and in store – but hurry! They’re set to sell out soon!
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