The Roaring Twenties Are Back! Step Into Brooksy’s Hidden Den

Drink, Sydney / 14 May 2024
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The Roaring Twenties Are Back! Step Into Brooksy’s Hidden Den

Drink, Sydney / 14 May 2024

Leave the present at the door. Brooksy whisks you back to the golden age of cocktails and captivating company.

Sydney’s nightlife scene is gaining a captivating new addition with the arrival of Brooksy, a hidden speakeasy promising an immersive journey back to the glamour and intrigue of the 1920s. Nestled discreetly away from the bustling crowds of George Street, it’s your ticket to the prohibition era.

Step through the unassuming entrance and be transported to the 1920s. Plush velvet drapes, gleaming marble countertops, and chic Art Deco furnishings set the stage for a night of refined revelry. Green accents throughout the space pay homage to Brooksy’s signature absinthe cocktail, served in a dazzling emerald fountain – a true centrepiece of the bar.

Brooksy cocktails

The mastermind behind Brooksy’s beverage program is none other than award-winning mixologist Brendon Hill. Hill, whose previous endeavours include The Grounds of Alexandria and Duck Duck Goose, has crafted a cocktail menu that takes patrons on a global adventure. Each sip promises a taste of a different time and place, all during the golden age of travel.

Start your journey by transporting yourself to the heart of the Australian outback with the “Uluru,” a refreshing blend of green grapes, lemon, Campari, gin, and white vermouth. Feeling more like a Mediterranean escape? Then the “Saluti” might be your perfect choice. Composed of house-made citrus cello, peach granita, and prosecco, this elegant concoction embodies the sun-drenched Amalfi Coast. Hill’s inspiration for the menu draws not just from his travels but also from the hidden laneways of Melbourne and the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Brooksy Interior

Alongside the global beverages, Executive Chef Hemant Dadlani, with over two decades of experience in acclaimed kitchens across seven countries, has curated a delectable menu of snacks designed for sharing. Standout dishes include Glacier 51 Toothfish served with a unique shiro miso and cucumber salsa, and delicate salmon with pickled fennel and capers.

When visiting, make sure to keep an eye out for the bar cart stocked with premium whiskeys, offered tableside. Freshly shucked oysters can be enjoyed at your table, adding a touch of luxury to the experience. For those with a keen eye for detail, hidden surprises and giveaways might be discovered throughout the bar.

Brooksy sliders

Entertainment at Brooksy is just as captivating as the décor and drinks. Live music sets the mood, while resident fortune tellers and palm readers add a touch of mystery and fun. It’s a chance to glimpse into the future with a playful nod to the past.

Brooksy’s intimate setting, with just 70 seats designed by Like Minds (formerly Guru Projects), fosters a sense of exclusivity. Located on Jamison Street with a semi-hidden entrance, the bar offers a mix of bar and table seating, catering to both reservations and walk-ins.

So, if you’re yearning for a protected paradise and a night of forgotten eras, Brooksy awaits. Just remember, hush is the price of admission at this alluring speakeasy.