Bar Tag: Thalita Gabriela Alves, Bulletin Place

Bar Tag, Bars, Drink, Sydney / 24 August 2016

Drop the bottle and pick up the sack, it’s a goon cocktail this week on Bar Tag!

Back in the day, you’d be lucky if you got to mix your Fruity Lexia goon sack with some lemonade, maybe orange juice if you were feeling fancy. A cocktail though? Unheard of. This week on Bar Tag, Thalita Gabriela Alves from Bulletin Place in Sydney’s Circular Quay was challenged by Tim Phillips of Dead Ringer to take the classic Australian boxed wine to the next level. In homage of the backyard drinking game, Thalita whipped up the Goon of Fortune Cocktail, one we’d gladly serve at our next dinner party.

Bulletin Place is a cocktail mecca. The small bar, nestled on the backstreets of Circular Quay is home to not a lot of seats but a lot of cocktails. This is one of those places where you can just toss your money across the bar and have absolute faith that the very capable hands of Thalita and her crew of very qualified bartenders will whip you up something amazing. Working with fresh seasonal produce means they have a new cocktail menu every night. More of more of a reason to visit every week for your cocktail fix!
Bar Tag - Goon
If you like planning ahead however (and at Bulletin Place you really should – it’s first in first served here), you can’t go without giving the bar’s simple yet incredibly delicious booze and juice cocktails a go. You’ll find different versions most nights, like apple, cinnamon, rhubarb and dark rum or apple, blueberry syrup and bourbon. Bulletin Place know how to even make simple booze and juice into a snazzy cocktail. Bar Tag - Final Drink
Next episode, we’re visiting Chewy from Baxter Inn and getting our probiotic on with Yakult as his secret ingredient. Stay tuned for that video next week!
Goon of Fortune Cocktail Recipe

20ml caramelised goon sauce
40ml Sullivans Cove Distillery Hobart No. 4 Gin
15ml Tamborine Mountain Distillery Quandong and Genetian Bitters Liqueur
20ml lemon juice
1 wedge of mandarin
Pinch of grated nutmeg
1. Muddle wedge of mandarin in a cocktail shaker
2. Add the rest of the ingredients except the nutmeg
3. Pour everything into your serving glass and add plenty of ice
4. Grate nutmeg over the top to finish
Bulletin Place
10-14 Bulletin Place, Circular Quay NSW
Mon – Wed 4pm-12am, Thur – Sat 4pm – 1am, Sun 4pm-10pm