The Artists' Playground at The Galeries, Art Month Sydney

Cool Sh*t, Festivals, Film & Art, Play, Sydney / 8 March 2017

We’re going on an ‘Art Hunt’ into the augmented reality of the Artists’ Playground.

Immerse yourself in the world of an Artists’ Playground. Fall down that rabbit hole through your lens at Sydney’s unmatched hub of lifestyle and cultural diversity. Offering up their body of walls, floors, columns, voids and laneways, The Galeries has become a canvas for Art Month Sydney. Get ready to experience some augmented reality. From the 1st till the 20th of March, emerging artists will suspend their artwork throughout The Galleries. These artworks will have hidden aspects of noise, movement and contrasting colour. Each piece is incorporated with the latest augmented reality technology, unseen by the hidden eye. All you have to do is download Eyejack, the app needed to experience these 12 pieces of immersive art.
Artist's Playground at The Galeries
Through the lens of Eyejack, discover life on planet art. There is much more satisfaction to be gained beyond pure elation of completion of this ‘Art Hunt’. All participants, having viewed all 12 works through the Eyejack app, will receive a prize from one of The Galeries retailers. Your prize, be it glutton glory from Doughnut Time, or perhaps something a little less regrettable from Fit Nutrition Fix or even the Books Kinokuniya, is well worth it. Need more incentive? Each week, a major prize of $500 is up for grabs from the same pool of art hunt victors.
Artists Playground
Prove your new ‘Art Hunter’ status and show your friends what they are missing. Record your augmented reality experience through Eyejack by clicking the red button. Upload to Instagram and tag @thegaleries and hashtag #thegaleries and just like that you’re in another competition! One to continue your augmented reality experience, to win an incredible Samsung Gear VR Headset.
Artist's Playground Eyejack augmented reality
On this day out, spend over $200 at The Galeries to become eligible to receive a complimentary SoL Cup. These chemical free, sustainable, hand blown cups assist in ending the wastage of 33 billion takeaway cups per year. This piece of Artists’ Playground memorabilia is yours to claim from the ground floor pop-up and come in two exclusive limited edition Furry Little Peach designs. For even more mystery and intrigue within the Artists’ Playground, on the 16th March, at The Galeries, head to Level 1 near Fitness First. Here you will find, camouflaged into Ox King’s mural, a Performance Body Art model, and we promise it’s much easier to spot.
Artists' Playground performance body art
Like a trail of 12 breadcrumbs, let the 12 works by emerging artists lead you to a lucky dip of prizes!
Want to know more? Head to Art Month Sydney and/or The Galeries.
The Artists’ Playground at The Galeries 
500 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.
1st till the 20th March 2017
During trading hours.