Arcade + Gym = Awesome Workout

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 4 May 2016

New gym workout a blend between Simon Says and Twister!

The newest trend on the streets is Asphalt Green, a gym in New York City that looks like an arcade. The high-intensity, circuit-based workout is completely interactive as participants have to react to LED light visual cues. Having been a trend for years in Europe (why haven’t we heard of it until now?), it’s now spread to America, and we hope someone will bring it to Australia too!
Known as AG6, the LED light cues in the workout are unpredictable and create short bursts of intense work. People burn up to 1,000 calories in a 45 minute class, focussing on endurance, strength, balance, speed, agility and reaction time, and they do all of this not using any machines.
The new technology is known as PRAMA and features pressure sensitive walls and floors that integrate LED light and sound to create an immersive workout. It’s been compared to being a blend of Simon Says and Twister, which looks like a lot of fun! Using weight balls, dumb bells and resistance bands, you work out every part of your body, putting fit and fun into one workout.
Check out all the information from Asphalt Green gym here.

PRAMA: The Interactive Fitness Platform from Pavigym on Vimeo.
Perfect for a group workout with your friends, you’ll be feeling like you’re in a video game.
We haven’t been able to find a similar workout in Australia yet but in the meantime check out our list of other fun exercise classes around Sydney here!