Christmas Baking Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter With Anna Polyviou’s Edible Cookie Dough

Eat, Sydney / 16 November 2023

These cookies are made for eating, (raw) that is!

Growing up in the United States I was one of the teenagers that fell into the obsession of eating raw cookie dough. It was a movie scene classic come to life, an irresistible temptation, an insatiable need to either steal a chunk of chocolate from the bowl or lick the spoon clean; we even ate it straight from the Walmart-bought tube. However, the underlying problem with this childhood delicacy was that the cookie dough was raw and therefore not edible.

That’s all changed over the last few years thanks to the rise (pun intended) of baking and home cooking. This has led to a significant growth in the market that has paved the way for edible cookie dough, and a happier stomach for yours truly.

Unfortunately, until now, there weren’t too many options readily available in Australia until award-winning dessert master Anna Polyviou decided to drop two deliciously sweet edible and bakeable cookie dough flavours. In partnership with Charlie’s Fine Food Co., Choc Brownie and Raspberry Donut have hit the shelves of 850 Woolworths stores nationwide, making late-night snacking that much easier.

Anna Polyviou's Edible Cookie Dough Flavours Paired With Inspiration Ice Cream Flavours.

Not only are both the flavours fun and colourful but they feature delicious little surprises throughout. The Raspberry Donut features a delightful jam-filled centre, raspberry jelly pieces and white chocolate chips, while the Choc Brownie is fudgy and rich, blending milk and dark chocolate, and topped with white chocolate chips. 

Not only do the two flavours stand the test of time on their own; raw or baked, but there are plenty of other ways to take them to the next level. Cookie dough enthusiasts on TikTok have come up with countless recipes including stuffing the dough into a cupcake, as the ‘bread’ on an ice-cream sandwich or even baking it into a pie!

But my personal favourite will always be scooping it out of the tub on a cold night.

Anna Polyviou x Charlie’s Fine Food Co Cookie Dough is available for $9.95 at Woolworths stores across Australia.