12 Best Sydney Food Trucks

Eat, Sydney / 19 October 2016

Channel your inner explorer and hunt down these Sydney food trucks.

Are you sick of munching on soggy sandwiches and sad salads during your lunch break? Ditch those pitiful leftovers and say goodbye to expensive lunch delivery. Sydney food trucks are expanding across the city and making a big name for themselves. From health-conscious eats to indulgent treats, we’ve got you covered with a list of our favourite Sydney food trucks. Channel your inner Indiana Jones, hunt down these food trucks for midday meal time and make lunchtime fun again!
Sydney Food Trucks - Knafeh Bakery

Knafeh Bakery

If you’re yet to try this mouthwatering Lebanese dessert, you’re missing out. But what better way to experience this sweet treat for the first time than with the masters. The bearded brothers from the aptly named Knafeh Bakery, travel around in a repurposed shipping container, feeding hungry patrons their Middle Eastern delicacy. Specialising purely in knafeh, the family move their shipping container around over time. So while technically not considered to be a food truck, the bakery is still moving food.
For those that don’t know, Knafeh ($8) is a sweet, semi crunchy, creamy and oh-so-rich dessert. With a semolina crust, creamy, cheesy filling and drenched in a sweet sugar syrup, it will fill your dessert quota for the week. But it will be worth every bite. Pair that with traditional Moroccan tea ($4) on the colder days or home-style Lemonade ($5) over the summer and you’ve got yourself a foodie experience you won’t soon forget. The team share their Jerusalem street food across both Sydney and Melbourne so keep a close eye on their Instagram pages for details of where you can get your next fix.
Knafeh Bakery
0433 090 310
@knafehsydney |@knafehmelbourne
Sydney Food Trucks - NYPDeli

New York Pastrami Deli

When you think of food trucks, you think of hotdog and sandwich vendors planted on every street corner in New York, feeding all those busy city-dwellers. Well the vibe in Sydney doesn’t quite match the hectic tone of New York City. Nevertheless, the gang at the NYPDeli food truck thought we could still use a bit of New York food truck flair.
They serve up all the classics, such as the Ruben Sandwich ($12). What you’ll find is swiss cheese, Russian dressing, sauerkraut, corned beef and pastrami all layered on top of fresh rye bread. And it’s not an American style street vendor without the hot dogs. The New York Hot Dog ($8) is a beef frankfurt served on a soft hot dog bun and topped off with sauerkraut, mustard and tomato ketchup. One bite and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight off the sidewalk into Times Square.
New York Pastrami Deli
@nypdeli |#nypdeli

Best Sydney Food Trucks - Shiso Fine

Shiso Fine

Shiso Fine has only recently driven onto the Sydney food truck scene but has already brought with it Japanese style cuisine that may rival what is sold on the streets of Japan. Owner of the innovative food truck, Caitlin Bailey, re-discovered her love for Japanese fare on a trip to the beautiful country. What she came back with was a plan to reinvent many of their classic dishes, throwing in some Australian twists and creative flair along the way. And thus, the cheekily named Shiso Fine was born.
Who doesn’t think of gyoza when Japanese cuisine is mentioned? Shiso Fine have gone both traditional and modern with their delivery of the delicious pan-fried dumplings. Keep it classic with their Pork and Garlic Chive Gyoza ($10/5pc) or for the vegans and vegetarians out there, try out their Yasai Gyoza ($10/5pc), which are simply vegetable gyoza.
If the tried and true gyoza recipes aren’t your thing, indulge in one of the teams original, sweet gyoza creations. Depending on the trucks daily specials, you may have a choice of their apple crumble gyoza, traditional gyoza pastry encasing cooked and cinnamon infused granny smith apples. These come served with walnut crumble, palm sugar syrup and ice cream ($10/3pc). Also featuring on the desserts list is the dark chocolate and banana gyoza, with cinnamon sugar and ice cream ($10/3pc). Fingers crossed you find the truck on a day with these menu items as both of these mouthwatering treats will certainly hit the spot. Alongside their crispy gyoza, the gang at Shiso Fine also serve up traditional Yakatori skewers ($10/2 skewers) and a range of Japanese inspired drinks.
Shiso Fine
0408 445 415
@shiso_fine |#shisofine
Sydney Food Trucks - Eat Art Truck

Eat Art Truck

If you feel you’ve been lacking a little artistic culture lately, visit the Eat Art Truck. You’ll indulge in both art and a hearty lunch at the same time. Collecting an abundance of awards including the winner of Best New Food Truck, Eat Art Truck takes American style street food plus street art to the streets of Sydney. Food is just another form of art and the Eat Art Truck know exactly how the two can go together.
The menu is hearty American style BBQ and includes things like the Slow Roasted Beef Brisket Bun ($12) and their Crispy Fried Chicken Bun ($12). You can’t go past their famous Pulled Pork Bun ($12) though – 8 hour hot smoked pulled pork served with mustard, cabbage and bourbon BBQ sauce.

Eat Art Truck
0439 841 008
@eatarttruck |#eatarttruck

Sydney Food Trucks - Mama Linh's

Mama Linh’s

Mama Linh’s may not be the generic kind of street food some have encountered on a trip through South East Asia. That being aid, a slice of traditional flair is there and so is all the flavour. Using old family recipes with a dash of modern edge, Mama Linh’s embodies all of Vietnam’s best flavours and serves them all up in a classic Banh Mi and equally delicious noodle salad bowl and rice paper rolls. While Mama Linh’s may not replace a stroll along Hoi An’s old town canals with a Vietnamese style skewer in hand, it’s a pretty close Sydney equivalent. 
The Mama Linh family have taken all the incredible flavours of a traditional beef pho and have recreated it to fit into a sandwich. The Pho Beef Banh Mi ($12) is packed with chunks of tender beef brisket that are slow cooked in pho master stock for over 12 hours plus with all the trimmings – gravy, basil, bean sprouts and onion then drizzled with a spicy sauce. It is truly pho to go. If you know all that bread will have you feeling a little sluggish, try a rice vermicelli salad instead. The Lemongrass Pork ($13) will match up perfectly with the freshness of the salad. Slices of tender pork are marinated in fresh lemongrass and a secret spice. The meat is then chargrilled to perfection and topped with a special tangy mayo sauce.

Mama Linh’s
0432 094 706
@mamalinhs |#mamalinhs

Sydney Food Trucks - Cantina Movil

Cantina Movil

Rally up your office amigos and have a midday fiesta at the Cantina Movil. Unfortunately margaritas are not on the menu at this Mexican style food truck. But what you’ll certainly find is some very tasty, authentic Mexican-style street food. The truck has had its ups and downs (notably a run in with a corporate giant which “stomped on their sombrero and challenged them to a duel”, causing them to change their truck name) but have come back stronger and more delicious than ever.
From burritos to nachos to tacos, Cantina Movil has all your favourites. Have your classic burrito with slow roasted and shredded chipotle beef ($13.50) or your naked burrito in a bowl with chilorio pork ($13.50), cooked in citrus and guajillo. Don’t stray from their corn chips with chipotle mayo and guacamole either – they’d make the perfect 3pm snack.
Cantina Movil
0452 639 426
@cantinamovil |#cantinamovil
Sydney Food Trucks - The Nighthawk Diner

The Nighthawk Diner

The Nighthawk Diner is an ode to American food culture, where new life has been breathed into the old time classics. Sydney-siders are given a loving taste of the Nighthawk Diner’s favourite dishes – whether it be burgers and homemade potato chips, milkshakes or sandwiches. Some of the best Sydney food trucks are moving burger joints, however this one takes the cake. The gang behind the slick and shiny silver trailer has a ferocious passion for American food fare and their enthusiasm comes out through the menu.
The burgers at the Nighthawk Diner are ones to write home about. The Nighthawk Cheeseburger ($12) is your classic beef cheeseburger and will satisfy all those greasy cravings. If you’re truly feeling naughty, the Mac ‘n Cheeseburger ($12) will hit the spot. Baked macaroni plus four cheeses are crumbed and deep fried and served alongside American cheese, pickles, butter lettuce and tomatoes on a milk burger bun.
The Nighthawk Diner
9281 8369
@thenighthawkvan |#thenighthawkdiner

Sydney Food Trucks - Agape Organic

Agapé Organic

We’ve gone through satisfying burritos, creamy knafeh and juicy burgers. That rich and hearty goodness may be good for your tastebuds but maybe not so good for your waistlines. If you’re feeling something on the healthier side, head over to Agapé Organic, one of the best organic Sydney food trucks. You’re in for some wholesome and seasonal produce and also a surprise, as the menu is constantly rotated.
The word ‘Agapé’ means love and that is how this nourishing food is made; with love. While we like to use the words healthy and organic to describe these delectable dishes, it’s not just a big helping of rabbit food. Agapé specialises in their Chile Dogs ($13) and Sloppy Joes. You can decide whether you want your Sloppy Joe ($12.50) veg, vegan or go classic with beef. Filled with wagyu beef or vege chili, coleslaw, tomatoes, cheese, chimichurri and all on a agape spelt bun, it’s one hearty sandwich you won’t feel too bad about indulging in. We can’t exactly say the same thing about their house Chocolate Spelt Brownie ($9) but how can you ever say no to a rich chocolate brownie smothered in rich chocolate sauce and crunchy almond praline?
Agapé Organic
8668 5777
@agapefoodtruck |@agapeorganic

Best Sydney Food Trucks - Monster Rolls

Monster Rolls

Forget about those sad ham and cheese Wonder White sandwiches. You should have left them behind in primary school. Monster Rolls is travelling around town, hauling their mega rolls with them and you should be there one afternoon or evening to savour one. The menu is simple but includes several succulent slow cooked meat options plus sides like shoestring fries ($7) and buffalo wings ($7). You couldn’t really ask for more, could you?
These monster rolls are appropriately named and straight to the point, whether it be the pork monster, chicken monster or beef monster. The Beef Monster ($12) is a mouthwatering union of grass fed beef brisket, horse radish butter, pickles, BBQ sauce, house made chilli sauce and slaw, all served on a freshly baked baguette. If you think that the white baguette will weigh you down, opt for the Monster Salad ($12), which is simply a big helping of veggies and salads served with your choice of beef, pork of chicken.
If you’ve garnered a taste of these epic sangas and don’t always have the time to chase the truck around town, be happy to know that they’ve set up shop on Oxford Street, so all you diehards know exactly where to get your fix of these monstrously tasty rolls.
Monster Rolls
8354 1417
@monsterrollstruck |#monsterrolls

Best Sydney Food Trucks - Happy as Larry

Happy as Larry

Happy as Larry has taken to the streets of Sydney to offer up a Napoli pizza experience. It is an embodiment of Italian cuisine, all packed into one of the tastiest Sydney food trucks. With its very own woodfire oven built right into the heart of the truck, neon lights plus dedicated, friendly chefs, the truck is an all round merry and straight up authentic experience. There are old school tunes blaring from the speakers every night and lots of little stools and tables, so can laze about and enjoy the ambiance alongside your tasty meals. Good vibes are on the menu and free of charge – what a great deal.
The food truck features a rotating pizza menu with both standards and specials. You may think you’ve had your fair share of Margherita pizzas ($15). That being said, you haven’t had anything like this one. While the team uses all locally sourced ingredients, the exception is their tomatoes. San Marzano tomatoes are grown in the rich volcanic soil of Mt. Vesuvius in Naples and are considered to be the sweetest tomatoes on earth. They transform this basic margherita pizza into something special.
Still not convinced? Try out one of their rotating specials. The lasagne ($19) is proving to be a crowd favourite. Topped with beef ragu, fior di latte, parmesan cheese and basil, it’s lasagne for those on the move. And you can’t pop by an Italian inspired food truck and not indulge in their Nutella themed desserts. If you can’t quite justify grabbing their Nutella Calzone ($14) at 1pm on a Tuesday then at least sample their Nutella Shake ($7) (but hurry back soon for the calzone).
Happy as Larry
@happyaslarrysydney |#happyaslarrysydney

Best Sydney Food Trucks - DeWafel


It won’t be too hard to find this food truck. The sweet, delicious scent of waffles will lead you straight there. Served by a team of native Belgians, you’ll truly get your authentic Belgian waffle fix when you hunt down this restored 1952 Carapark Caravan. You can choose between traditional Leige style waffles which pack a brioche style sweetness or go for the Brussels style, which are super crispy and compliment both sweet and savoury toppings. But with the endless toppings available, you’ll probably end up testing out both.
Mix up your favourite European desserts and try the De Strudel ($11.50). The waffle of your choice is completely covered with apple, caramel sauce and topped with ice cream. It’s one delicious deconstructed apple strudel. If you think (like us) that chocolate and Belgian waffles go hand-in-hand then the De Banana Split ($11.50) is for you. Banana, vanilla ice cream and homemade Belgian chocolate sauce make up this classic combo. Ditch the ice cream and swap out the chocolate sauce with Nutella and you’ve got yourself a De Nutella Dream ($9.50), the perfect one for all you Nutella diehards.
While the base is always authentic, the toppings may not be. For all those who lack a sweet tooth, DeWafel’s De Cheesy Vegemite ($9) is on the menu and it’s exactly how it sounds – the classic sandwich combo, cheese and Vegemite.
0405 005 205
@dewafel |#dewafel


Best Sydney Food Trucks - The Shuck Truck

The Shuck Truck

While still a travelling food truck, The Shuck Truck typically frequents festivals and events over city streets daily. In saying that, the truck is still the perfect one stop shop for a taste of the ocean. Get your seafood fix with delicious oysters and other succulent seafood straight from their travelling trailer.
Whether you’re keeping it simple wth a 1/2 Dozen Natural Sydney Rock Oysters ($15.50) or mixing it up with Hand Dived Scallops with Jahmon Candy, Pea Puree and chummichurri ($18), the Shuck Truck has all your seafood needs covered.
The Shuck Truck
(02) 8007 7322., 0411 553 119, https://theshucktruck.com.au/
@theshucktruck |#theshucktruck
To keep an eye on all these Sydney food trucks and their daily locations, head to: http://www.sydneyfoodtrucks.com.au/