107 On The Rocks Is Bringing The Weird, Wonderful And Unexpected To Reality For A Final Week

Play, Sydney / 27 April 2022

The multi-arts festival takes a walk inside the creative mind, with 107 Projects as your tour guide.

Four unique historically significant spaces have been taken over this month: Atherden St.;The Gallery; The Old Coroner’s Court & The Courtyard, showcasing dance, music, drag, food, art, workshops and so much more as part of the awe-inspiring festival. With less than a week left, we’ve lined up our top picks to hit up for a weird, wonderful and unexpected weekend in The Rocks.

Balmy Nights On the Rocks, The Courtyard, 102A George Street

The final week of the festival kicks off with an unmissable live music series in The Courtyard – Balmy Nights On The Rocks. Connecting with a diverse range of music, arts and culture, Balmy Nights will be bringing sweaty and sultry energies to the Rocks starting with a highly anticipated set from 343 Brass Band. Whether on stage or roving, 343 Brass Band plays energetic jazz, pop, gospel and RnB in a New Orleans-inspired style that is guaranteed to get you grooving!

Programmed by FBi Radio and Sydney Improvised Music Association, there’ll be a mix of music genres from R&B, funk, hip-hop, jazz all mixed together for a balmy good time putting live music back on stages. 

  • 28 April – Cope Street Parade & 343 Brass Band  | GET TICKETS        
  • 29 April – Friday with Heaps Decent | GET TICKETS
  • 30 April – Saturday with Heaps Decent | GET TICKETS
  • 1 May – Closing Party with LADY KING & Nardean | GET TICKETS
Arcade Games By Z-Ball, Ground, Atherden St

Take the kids for a history lesson and show them what life was like before-screens at a free pop-up arcade bar by Z-ball. The festival hub at 6 – 8 Atherden Street will play host to a plethora of family-friendly vintage arcade games on Friday & Saturday evening. Reminisce on the days that phones were the size of bricks and free time was spent chasing the next best Pacman score.

Fri 29th & Sat 30th, 5pm – 10pm

The Rizzeria,  The Gallery, 73 George Street

Head to The Gallery at 73 George Street and step into Rizzotopia, a creative wonderland created by the team at The Rizzeria. Saturday 30th will see their final workshop – Mini Zines by The Rizzeria teach the basics of risograph printing with each attendee taking home their own 2-colour risoprinted mini zine. 

Risograph printing is a unique stencil printing technique, known for its vibrant colours (including fluoro and metallic inks), its handcrafted aesthetic, and the ability to layer different colours. It is great for producing small editions of art prints, posters, postcards, zines and more. Grab your tickets here!

Sat 30th April, 2.30pm – 4pm

devil devil by Nicole Monks & Jenine Boeree, The Old Coroners Court

The Cells in The Old Coroners Court will be providing a unique backdrop to the highly emotional and engaging work of Nicole Monks & Jenine Boeree. The art installation ‘devil devil’ takes a look at Australia’s ‘first pandemic’, revisiting the smallpox outbreak at the beginning of colonisation told through the lens of two Aboriginal artists. 

Through ‘devil devil’, the outbreak of smallpox and its devastation are re-enacted in vivid and dramatic fashion. Put on all of the scrubs and journey through the coroner’s work little room by little room; all the way down into the basement going through all of the hidden stories in the basement that don’t want to be told.

Thu – Sun, 11am – 5pm

Many exhibitions and events are free, but we recommend registering online to secure your preferred time. Check out the full line-up here and spend the weekend revitalising your love for this iconic harbour-side suburb.

107 On The Rocks Full Line Up.

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