10 Questions with The Cooks Grocer

10 Questions With..., Eat, Sydney / 16 July 2014

We’ve all probably played the game of “lets buy lots of fresh produce, leave it in the fridge all week, dine out every night, forget about it and spend the following weekend emptying out the stinky fridge”.  That’s not to mention the slog to the supermarket, wandering up and down the aisles searching for cumin then having the DIY checkout delayed by the robotic voice asking you to “wait for a supervisor”. The you have to carry the bags to the car…you get the point!
Please welcome Elizabeth Master from The Cook’s Grocer a brilliant new foodie concept that is making cooking easier and tastier than ever. We caught up with her recently to ask 10 Questions about her new company. 

The Cook's Grocer Recipe Bags
1. How did you develop the idea for The Cook’s Grocer?
The idea behind our business came about from solving that simple question we all have every night – what’s for dinner? We saw there was nothing that made cooking at home easier or more interesting. We created a service that helps busy people cook healthy, good quality food at home. We work with our in-house chef and a load of amazingly talented cooks and foodies to develop our recipes. We want to give people the experience of learning to cook with new and different flavours.
2. Where do you source your ingredients and how do you choose the best produce?
We are passionate about the quality of our ingredients. We go to the Sydney Markets and hand pick all the fresh veggies and work with experienced providores to make sure we get the best produce available. Our meats are from Origin Meats and are all local, free range and chemical free. Our seafood is provided by De Costi Seafood. We also work with specialty purveyors such as Salt Meats Cheese, The Stock Merchant, Raw Materials & Sami’s Kitchen.
3. How does it work? (i.e I order online and it gets delivered?)
You can shop in our store in Rozelle open 7 days (opposite the Rozelle markets) or order on online for homes and offices delivery across Sydney. We deliver Monday to Wednesday between 3pm – 7pm, order before 4pm the day prior.
4. What sorts of meals will I be cooking?
You have a choice of 10 recipes each month in servings for 2, 3 or 4 people. Enjoy winter classics like Bangers & Mash… impress a dinner date with Sicilian style Barramundi with crispy Fennel salad or try something to share with friends like fresh Mussels with Coriander, Saffron & Tomato broth.
The Cook's Grocer Portioned Ingrediants
5. How much does it cost?
The prices vary depending on what the dish includes. Prices start from $10 per person, per meal.
6. What is your favourite recipe or meal?
As food lovers it is a hard to pick just one…. but our Udon noodle soup with Five spice chicken dumplings on this month’s menu is definitely up there!
7. What do you say to people who say they are “too busy to cook”?
Try The Cooks Grocer…. you can create an amazing home cooked meal in 30minutes without having to think about what to make or stepping foot in a supermarket. It’s quicker than a takeaway and you can learn a new dish along the way!
8. What’s you’re favourite place to EAT in Sydney?
Emma’s on Liberty in Newtown for great Lebanese food. The Moorish chicken is out of this world.
9. Where’s your ideal place to grab a DRINK in Sydney?
Riley St Garage for a cocktail and a few share plates.
10. What do you do when work is over and it’s time to PLAY?
Home is where the heart is! Cooking a feast for good friends & family at home. No better way to relax!
The Cooks Grocer Shop Photo