10 Questions with Pepe Saya

10 Questions With..., Eat, Sydney / 13 August 2013

1.    What is the difference between cultured butter, which you make, and regular butter?
With the butter I make: Cultured Butter’ – I add a good lactic Bacteria to the cream so that it is rich in Lactobacillus (AKA probiotic bacteria) which enhances the Diacytel (the smell of butter) flavour and smell. So basically I am making creme fraich out of cream and then churning. With regular butter, the cream is simply churned into butter.
2.    Why should we eat cultured butter over regular butter?
It really depends on what you like. From a health point of view, you’re better off with cultured butter as the pasteurization process kills all the good bacteria found in raw milk. The culturing process puts a lot of good bacteria back in and the taste is so much better.
3.    What is your favourite Pepe Saya product and why?
Buttermilk. It’s one of the best products to work with, it’s great to make pikelets with and marinate meats in.
4.    You produce popular truffle butter, why is this better than truffle oil?
There is absolutely no truffle in truffle oil, it’s just dried truffle with an aroma made in a perfume lab. Truffle butter, if you make your own or buy the one I make, is the perfect introduction to the rough diamond. And, fat like butter, is the perfect carrier of the truffle taste and aroma so it lasts longer.
5.    Top 3 ingredients you can’t live without?
Butter, Bread, Salt
6.    What is your fondest childhood foodie memory?
It would have to be making yoghurt with my Mum.
7.    Where is your favourite place to EAT in Sydney?
Kitchen By Mike in Rosebery.
8.    Best place to DRINK in Sydney?
The Baxter Inn
9.    When you’re not working what do you do for PLAY?
I have two young children, so I like to spend every minute with them.
10. What is your favourite dish to make using Pepe Saya butter?
Basting a big massive Grass fed T-bone.
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