10 Questions with David Lovett

10 Questions With..., Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 17 June 2013

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Say hello to the brand new Head Chef of Uccello, David Lovett! Lovett, the self-acclaimed Italophile, has put his stamp on a rustic Italian menu fine-tuned to perfection.
Using the freshet produce with a less-is-more style, Lovett lets his creations speak for themselves.
We recently caught up with Lovett to chat about his passion for cooking and what we can now expect to see from Uccello.
1. Where is your favourite place to EAT in Sydney? 
Bodega in Surry Hills. I love what Ben and Elvis do there, the food is always spot on, interesting, flavoursome  and great service too, I love being sat at the bar looking into the kitchen watching the chefs hard at work.
2. What do you love about working at Uccello? 
Being given the chance to cook my food and share it with the people of Sydney. Not many places have the following that Merivale restaurants have so being given the reigns of Uccello is such an honour and I just hope I can keep that following and attract some more with my style of food and dining.
3. Your best childhood foodie memory? 
Christmas dinners, mum’s roast on Christmas day is the best! I look forward to it every year.
4.    Top 3 ingredients you can’t live without?
Pork, I love the endless possibilities that a pig offers, both savoury and sweet!
Eggs, is there anything they can’t do?!
Salt, for me it’s a must in all food/cooking whether it be a little or a lot it makes all the difference.
5. Favourite drink/cocktail/own creation?
Ice cold VB I’d say! I’m easily pleased and have simple taste. If I’m feeling flash I like a bicicletta, which is a Campari and white wine cocktail.
6. Where would we find you when you´re not in the kitchen?
At home in my kitchen baking a cake for afternoon tea to share with my girlfriend Sarah and my son Archie.
7. Best bar/club/place to play in Sydney? 
Vasco on Cleveland st; it’s a rock and roll bar – Max makes great cocktails and plays the best music, I celebrated new years there and my birthday too.
8. Where do you find the best produce?
The fruit and veg markets out in Flemington, the growers side is like heaven. Guys who may only specialise in one or two things but do them so well; it’s a joy to stroll through there early in the morning, talk to the growers, see and taste what’s good and then menu writing is a breeze.
9. What is your food philosophy?
Keep it simple, less is more, see what you can take out as opposed to adding to a dish. Let the ingredients and flavours stand out rather than be hidden or lost. And have fun! Cooking, eating and feeding people should be a joy not a chore. And share!!
10. What can we expect Uccello to bring to the Ivy Light My Fire Festival? 
I want people to step out of their comfort zone, so maybe using a couple of ingredients people haven’t heard of or tasted before. Im thinking about using ‘Garum’; fermented tuna entrails which was used in roman times and maybe polenta with wild boar ragu.