10 Questions With AboutLife Wellness Ambassador

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 3 November 2014

AboutLife has just opened its fifth store and you’ll find it just off Crown Street in Surry Hills where Thomas Dux used to reside. A mecca for all things organic, healthy and delicious, the new AboutLife features a wholefood supermarket, an extensive “help yourself” health food bar as well as a coffee, juice and raw cake counter. We sat down with AboutLife Chief Operating Officer and Wellness Ambassador, Vladia Cobrdova to ask her 10 Questions about life!
AboutLife is everywhere these days! What do you attribute to the success of the AboutLife franchise?
We know where the demand is. We understand that people want to eat clean, natural, nasties-free, chemical-free produce. We are supplying that demand. People are more wary of what they put into their bodies and they want to eat clean, support local farmers and just get back to nature. People in Australia want to eat good food. And real food.
What makes AboutLife different?
You can do your regular shopping here – milk, bread, cheese. We’re just a normal supermarket only we promise that there is no chemicals, hormones, and it’s all clean. Being independently owned and a family ran business, we also understand the contribution to the farmers. We really do care about the farmers. It’s important to us…. Supporting the local guys.
What was behind the push for a Surry Hills outlet?
We found that this location was really exciting because of a younger demographic. We thought that this was a perfect location. People around here are well educated about wholefoods. It’s local and central. And we definitely want to expand. The demand is there.
I just had a delicious “Superfood lunch” but what does “super food” mean?
Super foods are nutrient dense foods. They’re the ones that have high anti-oxidant counts (a measurement known as ORAC). Blueberries, omegas like chia seeds and acai. You want to get the most nutrients from your food, so that’s why we want to incorporate that into people’s daily lives. You can come to AboutLife’s Super Food Quarter and you can understand that you’re getting good nutrients. Like our signature carrot, kale and sesame salad or quinoa based salads.
What would you say to people who call superfoods a super-fad?
I don’t agree with any scepticism! Super foods have been around for thousands of years. Take goji berries, people have been snaking on them since ancient times. The scientific background is that they have a really high ORAC count. That’s why they are called superfoods.They don’t just come and go.
Describe “AboutLife’s” food philosophy.
We are for the planet. We are for the farmers. We are for healthy bodies. We’re all about the holistic approach.
What are your words of wisdom about life?
Listen to your body. Really, we are all so unique in our composition. Not every style suits everybody so it’s really about listening to your body…. everybody’s different!
If you had one piece of nutritional advice, what would it be?
Eat more plant-based food. You cannot have enough veges! And variety. Try to include all the colours of the rainbow [in your plant based diet].
What’s your favourite dish to EAT in the AboutLife?
There is so much to choose from with the Superfood Quarter – seriously! I would probably say… Oh, can I do two!?
For breakfast; coconut granola with yoghurt and berries. It’s just delicious! It’s gluten free and refined sugar free. For lunch I would definitely go for the signature kale salad. And you can’t go wrong with the eggplant bake. Oh, and a green juice!
What’s your favourite place for a DRINK in Sydney?
The Winery! It’s just next door. You’ve got the green trees… you don’t even realise you’re right in the heart of the city. On Saturday everyone’s having drinks and wines… it’s just perfect for when I knock off work!
When you’re not busy, what do you do for PLAY?
When I don’t have a torn ligament from skiing [points to crutches] I’m a very active person! I like to go to the beach, ski, hike, bicycle. I find true activity is relaxing. I do yoga as well. It’s an active lifestyle, it keeps you busy and fit!
AboutLife – Surry Hills
285A Crown Street, Surry Hills
(02) 8755 1311
Daily 7am–8pm