South Korea Has Invented an Ice Cream That Cures Hangovers

Cool Sh*t / 6 June 2018

Shut up and take our money. The dreaded hangover could soon be a thing of the past thanks to delicious ice cream.

Waking up with a half-eaten kebab in your hand, still wearing your apparel from the night before might typically mark the starting point of an atrocious hangover, but what if we told you this could all be banished in one fatal scoop? South Korea, known as Asia’s excessive drinking country, has invented an ice cream curing hangover, and sweet relief has never tasted so delicious.

A South Korean convenient store chain is behind the marvellous creation, marketing and stocking the infamous Gyeondyo-bar. “Gyeondyo” which apparently translates to “hang in there,” (a sentiment we’re all familiar with) is designed to appease the hungover folk reeling with regret from the night before.

Oh my.. #SouthKorea, land of awesome #hangover remedies, has certainly outdone itself this time! The Koreans have invented an #icecream that cures hangovers ? #견뎌바 #food #foodie #hangovericecream #득템 #gyeondyobar

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So what can you expect from this magical creation? Well the Gyeondyo-bar is a grapefruit flavoured ice cream laced with oriental raisin tree fruit juice. It’s this mysterious tea juice that contains the active hangover-curing ingredient and has been considered a hangover cure since 1600s.

Unfortunately at this stage there’s no plans to bring Gyeondyo-bars to Australia, and so we can only rely on the testaments of the locals consuming these ice creams to confirm that they actually work.

In the mean time, it would seem that greasy kebabs and floor showers will have to suffice.