Scuro Ristorante

Cool Sh*t, Play / 2 September 2015

Scuro Ristorante in Melbourne recently hosted a special pop-up dinner in the dark experience with a twist! A select few were invited to a secret location, provided with little information and lead down a Melbourne ally. Diners then entered what appeared to be a converted warehouse space fitted out like a hip inner city restaurant. It was only once inside were they told they’d be having dinner in compete darkness. They took their seats, the lights went out, the dark vision goggles were donned by wait staff and the night began.

The first course was an anti-pasto plate, in keeping with the Italian theme of the evening. Then it was time for mains and guests were served pizza. This was enjoyed immensely by patrons who fumbled in the dark, missing mouths and smearing sauce. The Chef entered the room to ask if the food was enjoyed and if everyone wanted more. Lights up!

Instead of being seated in a busy restaurant as first thought guests found themselves in what appeared to be an open plan kitchen dining room. In the kitchen, now casually dressed, wait staff were heating up frozen pizzas. Surprise! This whole time everyone had been remarking on and enjoying Dr Oetker Ristorante frozen pizzas.

Well played Ristorante, well played.

Watch it all for yourself here: